When I was in elementary, my friend and I found some small paperclips. I made a small necklace, she twisted and unfurled hers into different shapes, about 20 clips between us total. No pockets, so in the socks they went. She ended up cutting herself, going to the teacher and blaming me. A *pile* of misused/bent paperclips was set before me in the office. A note was sent home to pay for the "damaged" supplies. My mom had my back and sent me with a coffee can full of 500+ pennies.



@viciousviscosity another story on the theme of parents having their kids' backs in the face of school ridiculousness: taking clarinet lessons, I had to practice every day & get my parents to sign my practice sheets. Well, I didn't practice and my dad gleefully signed every single sheet bc he didn't think forcing kids to practice when they don't want to was a good way to instill music appreciation. 😊

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