Stuff I think about every day:

-how life would be different if we'd started taking climate change seriously in 1988, the first record-breaking heat year of my lifetime

-how much fossil fuels we use with air transport

-what if we had recreational ocean travel/rail for long distance travel instead, it would take days instead of hours but if we all had plenty of free time, that would be awesome

@SallyStrange Totally agreed.

I grew up in the 1970s, and everyone was talking about greenhouse effects.

Then . . . well, politics.

@naga I grew up in the 1990’s and I was taught about this as well. So, it’s especially infuriating to see some politicians “discovering” the issue just now.


@SallyStrange I totally agree. I love spending time on trains. If it was affordable, I would have no problem spending more hours on a train for long distance travels.

@Sylvhem same. And, air travel is very jarring and dislocating. It's like, you get in a noisy metal box for a few hours and suddenly the sun is rising and setting at a different time and you have jet lag. You don't really enjoy those few hours you saved by going at 700kph instead of a mere 300kph because you're adjusting to this bizarre change

@SallyStrange Ohhhhhh that last one.

Money aside, my body's and brain's reactions to air travel are the other thing that puts me off. I'm super sensitive to jetlag, plus being extremely prone to motion sickness and having very pressure-sensitive ears means that even short hops within a timezone can mess me up for days and be physically unpleasant and painful.

I have no idea if I'd do any better on a boat, but trains don't do that to me at least.

@dartigen @SallyStrange I've got it
the ultimate solution
the best of both worlds
bring dirigibles back ;D


@SallyStrange these kind of questions are basically always "what if we didnt have capitalism". and yes it would be great.

@felix @SallyStrange

what if we did things in a completely different way that we haven't thought of yet? that would be fucking awesome. not a care in the world, tons of free time, plenty of everything we need to have a good time.

now solve for the above, because i can't stand this world now that i had that thought.
@felix @SallyStrange

in other words, the problem isn't imagining a better world, the problem is creating a process that can execute the transition from state A to state B.
@xj9 @felix @SallyStrange
1. obtain a pure mathematical entity
2. initiate bubble nucleation
@xj9 @SallyStrange @felix fuck spacetime
chaos better
I need a praise the sun emote
@xj9 @SallyStrange @felix Solving it for myself first, hoping that will give me the breathing space to model and contribute to a global transition.

@felix basically, "what if we prioritized people over profits", yup

@SallyStrange recreational ocean travel DOES exist for long distance travel, there are cruise lines that do transatlantic and transpacific cruises.

the problem of course is getting the luxury of that much free time with American labor practices - right now you can only afford to do that if you’re well-off and bougie enough to either have the kind of job that lets you have a month or two at a time, or be able to just quit your job and live off savings that long.

rail, though, there’s no fucking excuse for not having it in the US, I’ve figured out a route that, using state-of-the-art Chinese HSR equipment, would get you between Los Angeles and New York (passing through Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Denver, Kansas City, Chicago, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and Philadephia) in 18 hours. with stops. with equipment and infrastructure that is in service, carrying revenue passengers (in China so it may well be massively subsidized but honestly I’ll take it given how much the negative externalities of air travel are subsidized), today, not some future technology. (Google Maps for roads between those cities is exactly 3200 miles (and rail could hypothetically be more direct), at 350 km/h that’s 14.7 hours if done at full speed continuously, and the newest Chinese equipment is capable of 400 km/h reducing that to 12.9 hours.)

or if you want your rail equipment and infrastructure from countries with better human rights records than China, there’s a lot of options for 350 km/h-capable equipment, although AFAIK nobody’s running 350 km/h service outside of China

@bhtooefr @SallyStrange The fast trains in Europe are amazing. I'm not quite sure if they're 350 km/h, but definitely 300. And smooth! Partner with sensitive motion sickness was able to Read on the train For Several Hours!!

It's so frustrating to not have even basic inter-city rail here.

@bouncinglime @SallyStrange Yeah, 300-320 is pretty typical, you really don’t need 350 unless you’re doing some really long distance lines… which is exactly what China’s doing, and what the US would need. (I also suspect that’s why China’s rolled out 400 km/h-capable rolling stock, to support even tighter time tables on their longest routes.)

China has a 2439 km service that is timetabled for 8 hours 58 minutes from Beijing to Hong Kong (G79), 8 hours 56 minutes in the reverse direction (G80). That’s absurdly fast for a train, and I want something that competes with that thing here.

@bhtooefr amazing! I was thinking of something both more comfy than typical cargo ships and less expensive, slow, and wasteful than typical cruise ships. I don't think that exists but I'm not sure

@SallyStrange for people in the US amtrak is running a buy one get one free ticket promo

so, maybe I'll take a long rail journey

@SallyStrange if you have time cargo ships often have berths available. My father went to Europe that way back in the day as he couldn't afford trans-Atlantic jet as a college kid on summer break. There is a website I read about for it, have to be flexible (as sailing dates rely more on loading/unloading then passengers)

@whiskeysailor yeah, my Spouse's father traveled that way between Jamaica, England, and the USA back in the day too. I don't know much about doing it these days and, yeah, I usually don't have that much time off anymore

@SallyStrange yeah that's the biggest issue. If you have the time (Gap year, enough money etc) well worth it. I'm planning a big trip for late this year/early next year so if I can save enough to take that much time off I'll do it

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