Did you know these pieces flew all the way to Australia ? I'm so happy that people from around the world are interested in my work. Being queer has allowed me to connect to people and grow creatively in amazing ways. It is a beautiful part of my identity and i'm so grateful to mostly be able to celebrate it (and I hope you do too).

Dans la série Shei tente de hacker le capitalisme, je teste donc utip. Cela permet de laisser des petits pourboires gratuitement à des petit-e-s createur-ice-s. Je me dis que ça peut être une idée pour arrondir les fins de mois et continuer de créer pour les personnes marginalisé-e-s.
Toujours compliqué de trouver le bon équilibre entre création et survie, si vous avez d'autres pistes n'hésitez pas.
Sur ce, je vous laisse avec Lila et son nouveau jouet. ✨


Content of my self care mini zine. Should I do more of those ? Maybe put them on my etsy. My impostor syndrom is very strong at the moment so feedback would be lovely. Take care ✨

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Enjoying the gorgeous weather to take some pictures 🌈✨
Lgbt, butch and trans bracelet available here : Http://etsy.com/Shop/godsaveth

Made a little zine on self love and relationship. Just wanted to create something, it was quite fun. ✨

Enjoying the gorgeous weather to take some pictures 🌈✨
Lgbt, butch and trans bracelet available here : Http://etsy.com/Shop/godsaveth

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I have always dreamed of owning an authentic gramophone... They look so beautiful with their horn looking like the corolla of a huge flower! They have this charm specific to old objects, as they were haunted by the years passing slowly while they stay still... I love so much things about them, so it was only a matter of time for me until I decide to paint one for a watercolor. I wanted it to have this romantic aspect that they evoke me, so I hope that you will feel that too seing this picture! 🖤

Text version.

I'm in lesbians with you

If I were a man
I wish you were a woman
Who wished to be a man
To love the woman in me

If I were a lady
I wish you were my gal
The fem in shining armor
To my softest butch

If I were a dude
I wish you were my guy
The bro to my romance
Except without the B

But baby you're already my dream girl
No need to call me Sir
I'll be your gallant, your sweetheart and
Everything in between
Oh honey you're my

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Quelques photos de mon Bullet Journal sur le thème Disney / harry potter/ series...
Pcq des fois ca fait du bien de retomber en enfance

Finally found a way to work with this lovely White labradorite (or rainbow moonstone). It's such a soothing crystal, i love how it gently glows in the sunlight 🌙✨

Custom pan pride bracelet made for an art trade. Love working with those moon charms ✨

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RT @recalbox@twitter.com

Recalbox innove et s'engage en lançant le "rétro-handigaming" : pour la 1ère fois de l'histoire, les personnes touchées par le handicap ont ENFIN une solution pour accéder aux jeux vidéo emblématiques de ces 40 dernières années.
TOUS #RetroGamers, avec #Recalbox !


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Hello !

Je cherche une personne trans (de préférence femme trans) qui l'a su très tôt et accepterait d'échanger avec un parent (une personne très chouette) qui aimerait savoir quoi dire à son enfant.

MP moi et je vous donnerai son contact. Merci !

Boost svp !

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