Some witch themed pendants still available on the shop. I hope you'll like them ✨

Hello :) My new zine is dooone. It's a small perzine about finding your voice and fighting the impostor syndrome (which I think is especially important for marginalized people). Making it was really therapeuthic haha :)

J'ai été interviewée par Salema, dans le cadre de son projet visant à mettre en avant des artistes/auteur-ice-s handi-e-s et/ou LGBT. Si vous voulez en apprendre plus sur les dessous de God Save The Queer et mes processus créatifs, suivez le lien :

Several people have asked me for demisexual jewelry, so you can now find some on the shop. This brooch was originally made for a custom order, I love giving life to your ideas :)

Finally done with my latest piece haha. It is inspired by my witchy and pagan practices and features a unique holographic pentacle cameo with an holographic effect and an onyx drop (grounds and protects against negative energy).
Hope you'll like it :)

Hello bonjour. Je vends mon exemplaire de A girl's guide to taking over the world (en anglais). C'est une anthologie qui regroupe des extraits de divers zines féministes des années 90. En anglais, a vécu mais bon état. 18e80 envoi compris (PayPal). Boosts appréciés

Hello. I still have two commissions slots for double sided lgbt pendants (you choose the flags of course). Send me a message if interested 😊
Hello bonjour. Il me reste encore deux slots de commissions disponibles pour les pendentifs double face (2 drapeaux queer au choix). Ils sont à 19e80 envoi compris, mp si cela vous tente ✨

'Quelques' lettres à poster aujourd'hui. Heureusement que j'ai une assistante.

Working on some pride pieces that can also be discreet for people who can't be out. It's important for me that my work is as accessible as possible and i hope you'll like them ✨

As lgbtq people we often tend to put ourselves (or each others ): ) down. Those brooches are thus here to remind you that you are 'legitimate as fuck'. Hope you'll like them :)

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J'ai reçu le choker trans de @Sheinicorn !!! Il est trop beau ! Et le voici avec le collier "She" acheté il y a bientôt 2 ans à Sheinicorn aussi. :moji11:
💙 :pink_heart: :white_heart1: :pink_heart: 💙

CW: eye contact

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If you want to show your colors this Pride Month I have many lgbtq bracelets on the shop. Handmade with love by your local enby autistic spoonie 🌈

If you want to show your colors this Pride Month I have many lgbtq bracelets on the shop. Handmade with love by your local enby autistic spoonie 🌈

Because bisexuality is magic, the bi pride pentacle pentacle are online. With glitter of course ✨

Trans pride ring up on the shop. I want to try it new formats for my pride jewelry so that everyone can (hopefully) find something they can wear. Hope you'll like it :)

Tried a new style of choker, with a rainbow moonstone. Really happy about the result ✨

Trans pride flower plastron. Comes with opalite and rose quartz beads. Hope you'll like it :)

The pride flowers pendant are online. I know eveyrone can't afford to be out safely so I create those so everyone could showcase their colors. Thanks a lot for your support <3

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