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Jane/Shell , 26yo.

I am a :

- transgirl. :flag_transgender:
- furry: Fennec/Eevee, Pony
- lesbian. :flag_lesbian_lipstick:

i like and enjoy :
- (web)comics, movies, books. 🎞️
- Playing some vidya. 👾
- SF and magic.
- Music. 🎧
- Plushies.
- Talking about ideas.

I dislike/have a hard time do deal with :
- Anxiety.
- Jerks and bullies.
- Talking about people.

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Jane/Shell , 26ans.

Je suis :

- trans meuf. :flag_transgender:
- furry: Fennec/Evoli , Poney
- lesbi. :flag_lesbian_lipstick:

J'aime :
- les (web)comics, les films, les livres. 🎞️
- les jeux vidéo. 👾
- la SF et la magie.
- la musique. 🎧
- les peluches .
- les discussions sur des idées.

J'aime pas :
- l’anxiété au quotidien.
- la violence gratuite.
- les discussions sur les gens.

Hey! My name is Zach(all of you fuckers already know that) , and I’m doin commissions, babey! All that spicy art you see right there? All made by me! You want some? Why not ask me about my commissions and prices!

Im happy to work with anything!
Humans, humanoids, furries, portraits of your characters and friends, and anything in between! Just no nsfw please.. I’m a minor, my dude!

Im still a little iffy about my prices because they might be too high? I’m still workin on it, but anyways!

Retour du rdv chez le médecin: ordonnance renouvelée, et IRM à passer.

"Le seul truc miso que je veux dans ma vie, c'est une soupe."

En effet cerveau, c'est un hot take.
"Oui c'est mieux servi chaud la soupe quand même. "

Birdsite, les allié·e·s de qualité. 

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Some stuff came up, and I am going to need help getting up money to move. Hoping that I can use some tax money, but also looking to raise some funds:

Commission Sheet:

Prices (1 chara)

(Base price is abstract background flats)

Icon: $15
Bust: $25
Full: $30

$15 (extra chara)
$10 (shading)
$25 (Detailed background)
$15 (NSFW)

Prices and participation may vary.

DM/Mention me for details.

Donation Links Here:$arielleghraves

Same dude : on a du te le demander souvent, mais pourquoi tes cheveux... ? (Sous-entendu : sont bleus)
Moi : oh ben parce que j'aime bien
Dude : *s'attendait visiblement à une explication rationnelle et logique telle que "pour me fondre dans l'environnement la nuit" ou "en l'honneur de mon grand-père mécanicien"* ah

People: You can't fool us, you can't fool biology. You are what you are.
Me: ACCUALY, i'm trans.

Also, friendly reminder that if you like chiptune there's this great artist who did that album :

And if you haven't listened to it yet, well you damn should ! Like right now !

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Les trucs d'egg de mon enfance que je savais pas que c'etait des trucs d'egg. Donald Duck, bande dessinée. 

transphobia - 

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