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How about an aerobics class set to hard rave music lead by an instructor called Sarah Toning?

sports, skating, frustration, mention of mind injury 

Any about? Today was my first day getting pissed at it. Had a good session overall, mind. Three months (and one broken wrist) in and I can barely do the most tinny ollie, and damned if I can keep it straight. Ah well, i've another 10-20 good skating years left, so I guess there's no rush.

death, coping, toxic social media 

ALSO, just saw 'reliable mobile DJ' in my bio, I totally stole that from them. Ah shit this all sucks

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death, coping, toxic social media, transphobia 

Weird seeing my friends death being flocked by scavengers looking for that ad rev. ALSO, I know it's early days and the pigs can only go on what they know but my friend was NB and the headlines and stories all say woman. Just grinds my gears to read that. It feels better to air this, I know it's nothing compared to the tragedy of the event. I just can't wait to get home and grieve with our friends. Put on dopesmoker and cry (they introduced me).

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death, coping, toxic social media 

and these posts are trending somewhat so oc there's spam. Me and a few friends reported all this and some outlets turned the comments section off. The worse offender then dropped a further article praising the condolences of its readers. Also, the statement is only like 5 paragraphs long at this point, and it's tragically funny watching all the outlets C+P the story and just mix up the order of the paragraphs and the tabloids 'punching up' a few phrases...

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death, coping, toxic social media 

So my friend tragically died on Friday at the other end of the country and I'm stuck at work. Since then I've been consistently reloading my RSS active search for more news and FB for the inevitably announcement for some reason. This is not usual behavior for me. Things I've learned: News comments sections and FB comments are literally the worst place on earth. People cracking jokes, blaming vaccines, guessing or acting like they know the cause of death...

book rec. 

Just finished 'Anarchism and its Aspirations' by , pretty readable, concise and modern intro to ; would probably recommend to baby leftist friends.

Just waiting for my invite so I can start tracking my reads again.

On to 'a player of games' next, my first or any for that matter.

Bosses, poorly pet, vomit. 

My (ex) boss is still acting like a proper wanker but at least my dog just puked in my bed to distract me.

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I've been on a real Blackout Poetry kick lately, but having a surprisingly more enjoyable experience hanging out on the more inclusive end of the color spectrum and making whiteout poems. I'm not claiming great artistic achievement here but this particular whiteout poem i love so much for having created it.

Covid/conspiracy theory exasperation 

The irony of the 'think for yourself' brigade only thinking about themselves.

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Nude for your viewing pleasure 💖 // Onlyfan self promotion 😘 // Boost highly appreciated 🥺👉👈 

Just a cutie in the shower, staying well hydrated 🚿

I'm starting to take more pics on my onlyfan after some times quite off, so if your interested in more, you can check it out here ✨:

Also running a quick -30% reduction if you wanna grab a month for cheaper 👉👈

Steam sales, you always come just at the right time

I've just sent some flowers to my mum, I fought the urge to write: I sacrificed these in honor of your birthday.

Covid vaccine 

The nettle stings are from nettles, not the vaccine. You should probably get a vaccine if you can.

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Covid vaccine 

All my limbs are on fire with nettles and my bones feel full of vaccine. What a stimulating day.

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Smelling stuff is nature's way of right clicking on something and selecting 'properties'

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starting to realize it is actually very fitting that GRRM, who gained fame by creating a beloved character and then murdering them, would conclude his career by creating a beloved narrative and then stopping it mid-arc.

I recently followed a peertube channel (techlore) via rss to my new inoreader feed. Neat. When I opened the link it played through media monkey, which i have recently migrated too. Super neat. Alternative tech ftw

Ebay/internet rant 

Why, oh why is ebay asking me to tell it the model of my first car or the other ebay associated with my first address? Its bad enough that I have to confirm my identity via text or email every time i log into almost anything now, now they're asking me to confirm shit I could never remember or understand how they know too? I just want to know when my book will arrive :blob_cat_oh_no:

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