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Ça y est, ma digi-propagande à fonctionnée et vous voulez regarder l’animé, mais par où commencer ? Et où trouver les épisodes ?

C’est très simple, on déroule ! ⤵

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j'vais refaire un thread de mes pokéfusions, ça serra plus simple 🤔

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Information for your own good : Don't come talking to me about gimp being as good or *better* than photoshop, I'll get pissed really quick

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4. Let's be honest, I'm not a expert of gimp but even if it's really good I'm pretty sure it doesn't have the quality and as much details as one of the biggest image editor on the market who's being run by a too big society with a lot of money to put in his developpement

5. Please let me use what I feel comfortable with without making me feel guilty ?

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Some clarification about this toot ⬆️
1. Yes, I know, gimp is good, it all depend on your needs and skill with, like some people do good shit with ms paint so yeah, gimp gud, I know

2. Yes adobe are asshole, I know that please leave me alone with that

3. The reason of this toot is because every fucking time I said I use photoshop some FOSS-ass come tell me that i should use gimp, plz let me make art that say i want to die, without bothering me

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All my Accounts :

-> @Soniop : here, technicAlly my mAin Account, but don't use it thAt much, should fix thAt, mAybe

-> @Soniop : my Art Account, for when i'm not extremely depressed And cAn do Art 🎨

-> @digitalCream : the trolliAn Account, gonnA be hArd to understAnd if u rn't on trolliAn tOO, probAbly my most used Account tho

-> @Creamy : the lewd one, for girlz only ~ 🍑

-> @Soniop : the privAte thAt peoples cAn reAd, i hAve two others just for me lmAo

i'm creAmy, A french trAns robot-girl, i'm very lewd And kinky; And i'm pretty sure i could be considered A big whore ~

i'm A lesbiAn, so if u r A men And try to follow me u will get erAsed from the time itself, enbies r welcomed obviously 😘

i won't Accept everyone but u cAn AlwAys try :blobcat3c:

And if you wAnt to sEE -not lewd- more of me you can check my mAin, it's in french/english > @Soniop

doing pixel Art AgAin

wAtching the mOOn on A quiet night

Vous savez que je fait beaucoup de space art ✨ mais vous devez surtout avoir l'habitude des silhouettes que je fait recemment car c'est plus simple pour des commissions, mais j'ai aussi fait pas mal de space art plus classiques et vous pouvez tout retrouver dans cette galerie deviantart, je vous invite vraiment à y jeter un coup d'oeil <3

Work in progress / Latex 

Testing something ✨

me : hum i fEEl like i don't hAve much chronic pAin, i'm probAbly fAking being disAbled

Also me, rn : *got woke up by joint pAin And cAn't fAll AslEEp AgAin becAuse of how strong it is*


killing someone w/ the weAk ArcAnA spell on spellbreAk (no gAuntlet) lmAo

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