Information for your own good : Don't come talking to me about gimp being as good or *better* than photoshop, I'll get pissed really quick

je viens d'épingler ça, en espérant que ça évitera d'autre moment nuls

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Some clarification about this toot ⬆️
1. Yes, I know, gimp is good, it all depend on your needs and skill with, like some people do good shit with ms paint so yeah, gimp gud, I know

2. Yes adobe are asshole, I know that please leave me alone with that

3. The reason of this toot is because every fucking time I said I use photoshop some FOSS-ass come tell me that i should use gimp, plz let me make art that say i want to die, without bothering me

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4. Let's be honest, I'm not a expert of gimp but even if it's really good I'm pretty sure it doesn't have the quality and as much details as one of the biggest image editor on the market who's being run by a too big society with a lot of money to put in his developpement

5. Please let me use what I feel comfortable with without making me feel guilty ?

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@Soniop Just saw this, and, yeah, big big mood

When I say it's a shame the Adobe Suite isn't on Linux and it's one of the few things holding me back on Windows, everyone says "just use Gimp"

Like, no, mate, I tried Gimp many times before, don't you dare to say it's the same. It's like me saying I don't have a spoon to eat my soup, and some people come over and say "just use a fork"

.... Please no?

@Vetra @Soniop Oh jeez I hate that argument. I've tried like 3 times to use Gimp. I can't. I have an old copy of Photoshop from before the time it went subscription and if I have to I use Corel or Krita but like, you can't replace all the years of tutorials and tricks out there with 'just as good' when you have a crapton of features you want to use but suddenly just can't figure out on something new.

Fuck Adobe, but for real it's useful. :(

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