so i've stArted plAying poly bridge 2 And i've mAde quite A bit of bridges AlreAdy (some w/ the help of my lovely moirAil ♦)

so enjoy the gifs, i'm gonnA mAke them in A threAd

mAking some nice progress :3

- stepping on girlz
- flexing bridge
- double jump
- bridge flexing wAy more thAn necessAry

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okAy, so, finding An ideA how to mAke this one wAs the hArd pArt, reAlizing it wAs quick

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polybridge : mAke this bridge but u hAve less roAds

other peoples : just use the rock As A roAd

me : i'm just gonnA put holes in my bridges

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brAin broke After finishing those two bridges And i'm now stuck on A bridge for wAu tOO long so it's finished for tonight

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here more bridges from my lAst sessions ✨

- A v swEEt bridge
- this thing
- thAt's wAy tOO much things to Avoid
- And A v v v nice bridge

here more bridges :
- wobbly wobbly bridges

- mAny jumpy

- yeAh let's just creAte A new bridge, Also why would i support hAlf of the bridge when i cAn not do it

- one hydrAulics for All

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- double bridge

- gosh thAnks for the springs

And the one i just finished, And i love v much :

- if i get rid off the whole bridge, it cAn't be broken :blob_hyperthink_fast:

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