It's time! Today, I will not make one but two follow recommendation lists, because there is a lot of newcomers and because I didn't make any since quite some times.
Also, starting from now, I won't include more than five users by list to keep them short and useful.


The first of the week as for theme "Eldritch Café", my instance.

@guerrillarain is funny, and super cool. She talk about her work and the novel she's writing. [en]

@LadyOscar is the nicest person on Earth. Follow her for shitposting and feminism. [fr]

@milia is the other instance's admin. She talks about politics and tech. [en], [fr]

@Mirima is a young artist and he loves Voltron. [fr]

@Serveuse is a bot that boost the toots who are the most popular on our instance.

The theme of the second of this week is "English". So here is a list of people who mainly post in English.

@Are0h , admin of He talks a lot about politics and anti-racism.

@bea, admin of the instances. Talks a lot about programming.

@HTHR, the game developer who created "Secret Spaces".

@Jo, a computer science student who talks about free software and videogames.

@maloki, a really nice person, former Mastodon's Project Manager. Streams a lot.

@Sylvhem :blob_uwu: we could go on an infinite loop of returning the compliment!!!!

@Sylvhem teeheehee you tagged the account that ISN'T on eldritch but :blob_aww: thank you thank you

@guerrillarain What? Oh no, auto-completion is at it again!

It was my pleasure ^^.

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A welcoming instance for queer, feminist and anarchist people as well as their sympathizers. We are mainly French-speaking people, but you are welcome whatever your language might be.