[fr] Bonjour tout le monde !
Je suis une jeune femme trans vivant en France. Je partage mon temps entre mes études à l’université, où je suis un cursus pluridisciplinaire en études sur le genre, et mon militantisme. Je suis en effet très engagée et je parle beaucoup de politique par ici.
Sur mon temps libre, je joue à des jeux vidéos et à Magic: The Gathering. Je suis en effet une grosse nerd (^ω^).
Au plaisir de vous rencontrer très bientôt !


[en] Hello everyone!
I'm a young trans woman living in France. I'm spending my time between my studies at the university, where I'm currently enrolled in class on gender studies, and my activism. I'm really committed and talk a lot about politics here.
On my spare time, I'm playing videogames and to Magic: The Gathering. I'm a really big nerd (^ω^).
I'm looking forward to meeting you soon!

@Sylvhem Welcome to you as well! Seems we're both new here. I play Gruul; which decks do you run?

@ClockworkSarah I'm not really new, I helped create this place ^^. This is an old message I pinned into my profile.

I'm more an Azorius person, but I have stopped playing the last year, I don't really know why. I hope I can get back into Magic soon :D.

@Sylvhem Well, shit, I'm blind. Then again, I haven't figured out how Mastodon works yet, so I didn't even know pinned messages were a thing you could do. The more ya know, eh?

I feel that. I more or less own a Borborgymos commander deck and nothing else. I play Magic in the same style I do everything else, I suppose--eat, fight, eat, fight, eat, fight, nap. Gruul was a natural choice.

They actually just released some new guildpact-esque sets. Not sure if they've arrived in France yet, though.

@ClockworkSarah Yep, they arrive in France at the same time they do in the USA :). I still need to play with them yet.

@DialMforMara I mainly used to play Commander, Draft and kitchen table Magic. But it's been quite some times since I last played sadly ^^'.

@Sylvhem We've got a lot of Commander and Commander-variant players here too :) let us know if you want to try play by post!

@DialMforMara That would be amazing! I'm thinking of getting back in the game soon, so I'll tell you :).

@Sylvhem Awesome. Who's your favorite commander? (Mine right now is Gishath, Sun's Avatar, for Dinosaur tribal, but I've got a soft spot for Tolsimir Wolfblood bc he was my first.)

@DialMforMara I really love Nahiri, the Lithomancer since she was my first ^_^.

@Sylvhem Bienvenue à Mastodon
I hope you find a great community here. There are many lgbt people in mastodon, you just need to explore a little. Sometimes looking for the #mastoart by accident you meet a lot of trans people or some other letter. What do you like to play?

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