Game developers: "To move around, just use the WASD keys."
Me: "Wait. Those ones?"

Me: "Not a problem, I just have to bind the controls to ÉAUI instead."
Game: *won't let me assign anything to É*

yeah I do puie, that way the index stays on the home key

@Sylvhem tbh as one that did game development: Just use the keycodes so you don't have to care about the layout.

@lanodan @Sylvhem Many games do that. Many games don’t, tho. But most devs think there’s only Qwerty, it’s so fucking sad and English-centered…

@melunaka @Sylvhem Worst is the chatbox, there isn't many games where you can use a compose key or dead keys or an input method for CJK.
But it's not so English-centered, most non-latin countries basically switch between theirs and US layout, or directly use the US layout with some additions. I think it's quite a European issue.

@lanodan @Sylvhem I mean. There are a lot of people in France/Belgium who uses Azerty, FGĞIOD in Turkey, ŪGJRMV in Latvia, ĄŽERTY in Lithuania, and JCUKEN (ЙЦУКЕН) in Russia (according to Wikipedia) but who cares right?? 🙃

Right maybe Azerty seems random (actually the letter swaps from qwerty to azerty doesn’t seem to make sense, it’s not more effective for French, only the fact that there is accented letters, ^, ç and €), but what about the others.

@melunaka @Sylvhem Try to use keyboard shortcuts on a russian layout, it will just not work, same goes when in japanese mode, and there is many times where you need to type latin characters (all user and host identifiers basically).

Also look at what a slavic keyboard or a japanese keyboard looks like if you didn't, they're basically an extension of the US layout, same goes for Canadian layout.
@lanodan @melunaka @Sylvhem You mean, both canadian layouts ? :P

But yeah, trying to use even your tiling WM while switched to RU is so much fun ! (not)

@lanodan @Sylvhem I’m not sure what’s your point, a software shouldn’t restrict you artificially to some layout if it’s not hard to do (as you told yourself).

If I take the case of the Russian keyboard layout, if would stupid to restrict to WASD if the game also has a chatbox for Russian players…

@Sylvhem I have the same problem because I've been using the Dvorak layout since I was a child.

@Sylvhem Insane to use, too. In the classic implementation (just the keyboard, none of the modern stuff on the side), there are no numbers or symbols other than '",. One shift changes between the upper and lower row, the other shift changes case.

Modern era drops the lowercase. I've seen it *rarely* and don't recognize it as Cherokee unless I see some capitals. This is common enough that I've seen lowercase implemented as "smallcaps", but most people just allcaps it.

@alayna @Sylvhem Damnit, it took me way to long to notice that you had rearranged the keyboard to read ᎪᎳᎤᎤᎤᎤᎤ.

@Sylvhem Text editor: "To move around, you can also use JKLH"
Sad things is I successfully patched myself to feel it natural that 'j' goes downwards. Brain plasticity, eh ?

@sebsauvage Yeah, I remember reading that on your blog ages ago ^^.

Too many games won't allow you to change the bindings or have a big configurations to do for it.
Just as example, Monster Hunter, good playgame to change the bindings and having coherent layout.

@sebsauvage @Sylvhem

@Sylvhem Factorio is great in that regard, they rebind the keys automatically according to the layout.

@Sylvhem yes. I just need to get used to the idea that the tech screen is opened with « è »…

@Sylvhem I had the same with DVORAK - ended up coding games I made to check if was DVORAK or QWERTY

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