Fediverse, I need your help. Do you know any person of color who wrote on race and racism with a materialist perspective?
Boost appreciated.

@Sylvhem Could you be more specific? That's any number of authors. Like I sould say "zapatistas, black panthers...hello" but that's not very helpful

@shoutcacophony Sorry, I'm pretty ignorant about the matter, so I think anything would be good.

Maybe sociological studies?

@Sylvhem not a problem. some of these i'm more familiar with than others, but here goes

black panthers and zapatistas as mentioned before, as well as fanon come to mind. maybe cesaire?

freire in relation to "peasantry" (mostly of color), education and critical thinking as liberation tools

crenshaw and others building off of her work for intersectionality

for holist approaches to race, economics, gender and the state, read liberating theory

@shoutcacophony Thank you very much! I already read some of those, but others are unknown to me. It will be helpful :).


One article but I haven’t read his other pieces. I wish I had more but I am in a perspectives of race sociology course so I’m hoping I’ll have more soon.

@Ricci Thank you! If you have more information in your course, I would be interested to know.
I'm myself a sociology student, but race sociology is sadly not a main part of my course.

@Sylvhem William Julius Wilson is someone else to check out, if you have not already. He has done a lot of studies but I get them through my school library so I can't link them here. A quick search and I couldn't find any free but maybe you can find some or have other places you can access.

@Ricci Thanks! I can probably access find some of its work through my library.

@Sylvhem Frantz Fanon (Who as far as I know is the absolute reference on colonialism)

@Sylvhem I don't know if you still need any more author suggestions but I have two: Shirley Hill and Josephine Beoku-Betts (both Sociology academics, all journal articles under lock down so hopefully you can get some)

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