There is only 10 days left to back Akira, a new design software for Linux.

Please, if you have any spare money, look at the project, it is really interesting. And feel free to boost!

@Sylvhem I think @Framasoft should make a post about this soft, it is something that's really needed in the dev and missing for everyone!

@DarckCrystale @Sylvhem @Framasoft thanks for the reminder, just supported them. ✅ This could be more than just a design tool, this could attract more designers to the Linux ecosystem and hence feed many other projects with great design ideas. 🙌

@imacrea @Sylvhem @Framasoft I know right! And we could say "oh this soft is not important because there are proprietary ones that do the job/free ones that we can use to do things" but:
- proprietary ones are billing a fucking amount of money
- free ones are unusable and a pain in the arse

@DarckCrystale @Sylvhem @Framasoft Sure but why free ones are unusable and a pain? People have to make living at some point.. Sketch is a great tool and I am happy to pay for it, it's more a question of philosophy. Pushing the way on proprietary software or on open software.. This question the economic model for sure and Liberapay is trying to build that missing brick for example... towards a donation economy?

@imacrea @Sylvhem @Framasoft I think free ones are unusable because devs don't care of the UI/UX part, they consider it "less useful" or "not a real job" so they don't do it or delay it or when other people try to help (by example making mockups), the devs don't even thank them.

@imacrea @Sylvhem @Framasoft An example:
- Joe is creating a playlist web application
- Joe is sad because 20 people coding use the app but nobody contributes
- Maud offers to work on the doc to explain what is the app, how it works, how to install it and how to contribute
- Joe says it's useless

@DarckCrystale @Sylvhem @Framasoft hmm I’m not sure about that. And design is a job, developer is another one. People saying design is useless just don’t know what the job is. ;) Design is about inclusion. It’s about understanding that not everyone has the same point of view as you but they all should be able to use your tool anyway. Not caring about them reveals a profound misunderstanding... or in worst case a lack of empathy.

@DarckCrystale @Sylvhem @Framasoft oh and btw, in your example Joe sounds like a awful jerk. No wonder nobody use his app. Don’t waste your time with Joes, better work with the Mauds ;)

@Sylvhem holey moley as a UX designer I've been hoping for something like this to happen FOR AGES!

Thanks for sharing, I'm backing the hell out this project!

@Antanicus You're welcome!
I'm not a designer but I would really like to see this project succeed :).

I think they need to do another Kickstarter, or just lower the goal. I doubt they can triple their backer count on only 10 days :-/

@Sylvhem and why not contributing to existing software instead?

@thoth101010 Why not do both? Also, there is not an existing software that seems to target the same audience. Also, Inkscape, the software that is the closer to this project, don't want a new interface.

@Sylvhem inkscape could be forked to provide the same functionalities with an alternative UI and keeping the core function synced with the "official" inkscape.
I mean, inkscape is already there and provide a lot of features. It would maybe be a waste of time to start from scratch. And if it leads to a software with a nice interface but less features.
I don't know how complex and modular the inkscape code base is and I'm maybe completely wrong.

Hi, I'm Alex, the creator of Akira. Thank you so much for sharing the project and your questions.
I tried almost 2 years ago to fork/contribute to inkscape before starting from scratch.
Inkscape code base has been around for almost 20 years, and it shows.
It's verbose as heel, hard to extend and maintain, and with lots of assumptions that go against the modern workflow offered by apps like Sketch or Figma.

@alecaddd You're welcome! I really hope your project will succeed :D.

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