I love browsing the list of our instance's suers and see so many people I don't know yet.

There is a lot of people who got through the hurdle of creating their account, filling their bio and uploading an avatar without ever posting anything, except maybe for a small introduction post. I wish they could feel more welcome here.
Any ideas on how to achieve this?

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@Sylvhem I guess the most active people here, like me, already belongs to groups and don't want to have too many follows/followers because both of privacy reasons and the fact that you can't deal with too many people. I'm not sure how to get out of this situation however. 😕

@fluffy @Sylvhem

I don't accept follow requests from users who never posted a single message, I don't think I'm the only one


@Nocta @fluffy There is other ways to integrate new users though. Welcoming them is already a nice thing to do.

@Sylvhem @fluffy Maybe a bot who boost the first public message of every account on EC ? I try to welcome them when I can but sometimes I just miss them

@Nocta this might be a bit too much, I'm not sure people would want to be boosted by default 😕 @Sylvhem

@fluffy @Nocta A good alternative may be to make the familiar boost every local toot.

@Sylvhem @fluffy I don't follow the familiar but yeah it might be a good alternative

@Nocta @Sylvhem @fluffy that was a old idea I never implemented bc meh

Familiar could advertise in his welcome DM a special hashtag like and boost all toots with it from new users in EC.

Serveuse give visibility to "interesting" people and Familiar to new people

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