Which one am I?


I was a bit afraid I would be drawn under the "Crush mutual" like everybody else, but it seems like I'm more a "Fragile mutual". All this insecurity I send, lmao.

There is apparently 3 people who have a crush on me and I don't know what to do with this information.

@Sylvhem I have a new rule in my life. Every time I ask myself a question starting by "what should I do", I don't finish it, and I answer: some crepes.

@lila_bliblu @Courgette Maintenant je veux des crêpes. Vous voulez pas des crêpes ?

@Sylvhem @Courgette

Perso j'ai mangé trop de pastèque mais sinon je connais une crêperie sympa … @Grandasse_

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