Fellow admins of the Fediverse, you should consider blocking, instance-wide and immediately.
Kiwi Farms is a far right online forum dedicated to harassment, doxxing and gaslighting. They are *very* dangerous. Some of their favorite target have been harassed by them for years and they love to target vulnerable people.
They opened a Pleroma instance some months ago. Suspend them and be careful.

To be fair, I thought most people blocked them right on the spot. But it seems a lot of admins are ever unaware of the existence of Kiwi Farms or unaware of the existence of their instance,
Unlike Gab's users, most Kiwi Farms' regulars are actively malign and may actively seek people to harass. That's why I strongly suggest you to suspend instance wide if you are an admin.

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@Sylvhem Y'know, I really wish there was a way for me, as an individual Mastodon user, to block content from entire domains from the Prefs instead of through the "block user" dialog... you know, instead of waiting around for an admin, I could just nuke the motherfucker from orbit my own self.

@flugennock @Sylvhem click on the culprit's profile to get it to load, then click the dots and there's an option to hide everything from the domain instead of just the user.

@Sylvhem I wasn't aware that they had a presence on fedi. Thanks for the heads up.

@Sylvhem I know someone personally who’s spent five years, gone underground, gone to court to seal records, changed their name, changed online identities 12 times, and moved house after being continually doxxed and harassed by kiwifarms. Their crime? Being a visible trans advocate and contributing to blocklists of gamergate/altright.

@Sylvhem They've been making the rounds, I take it? I saw a follow request and immediately went to my admin about why tf they weren't already blocked
@elfi @Sylvhem They *should* be blocked from our instance now AFAIK.

Though the block is mainly just duct-tape and cardboard at the moment :/

@elfi I also saw a friend asking about them earlier because he received a follow request from a person there. That's what made me make that post.
I hope this is just a coincidence and that they are not more aggressively looking into the Fedivers.

@elfi Yeah, it was then., display name Fren.
Who are they?

@Sylvhem No idea, but they followed me too, and I am not what you'd call a prominent personality, just someone on a relatively unconfigured instance.

Lizzy set up the server to 403 any requests they made, and right after I denied the follow request, she forwarded a log snippet to me indicating that the instance immediately tried to pull info on me. Not sure if it's normal behaviour for an instance that just received a follow rejection, but I'm suspicious--but hey, that's why Lizzy's the admin and not me.
@Sylvhem People still do instance blocks? How primitive...

@spider Oh sorry. That's right. We should be harassed to death instead. That's the civilized way to go.

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