Richard Stallman invented free software because printers were shitty. Now we have free software that run on rockets, but the printers are still shitty.

RMS, unable to debug a printer driver: "I will rid the world of this curse that is proprietary software!"

RMS, forty years later: "Turns out printer are just evil. Sorry everyone, my mistake."

@Sylvhem I would probably trade one of my bodily organs for a printer with semi-working FLOSS firmware. The first vendor to do this will have my eternal devotion but I'm not holding my breath waiting.

@Sylvhem Here I am calling for email to be replaced with something better and people are still using machines to put overpriced ink on dead trees.
@Sylvhem I bet that 3D printing with Free Software is somehow more reliable and less clunky than regular old 2D ink printing.
Richard Stallman invented free software because printers were shitty.

The real story is much more interesting.
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