Why is everybody talking about Mercurial recently? I even dreamed of it last week.

To be more precise, I dreamed that my family and I stumbled upon a present I received as a kid and never opened. Turns out it was a giant parasol that could also be used as a Mercurial server.
Don’t ask me why.

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@melunaka I don’t know. I see the name several times in my timeline during the past few days.

@Sylvhem @melunaka this is weird because I think I was just reading about some project that still uses Mercurial like a day or two ago

@Sylvhem I just heard they wanted to rewrite mercurial in python3 and stuff about it's integration in Debian @marie_joseph @melunaka

@floreal @Sylvhem @marie_joseph As far as I know, it’s been a few years that they’re doing the migration it but maybe they almost finished it?

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