I have a question for people of the Fediverse that never lived in France and for which French isn’t their native language.
What do you associate with French music? What bands or artists came to your made if I ask you to think about French music?
I would be really interested to know the answer, so feel free to boost.

@tixie I’m pretty sure you live in France Tixie :p.

@Sylvhem and I can only say omelette du fromage in french

@Sylvhem Jean-Michel Jarre and accordions, I’m afraid - memories of childhood holidays in France. (I will never forget hearing an accordion band trying to cover “Close to Me” by the Cure at a village festival.)

@Sylvhem I would say Georges Brassens, Renaud, Jacques Brel, Edith Piaf, Bobby Lapointe, Boris Vian, Pigalle

@Sylvhem I think of Daft Punk and French house music in general. I also personally think of Laurie Destval and Alec Mansion but that's because of this great mix I head years ago.

@Sylvhem era, air, daft punk

Probably others, but those came to mind without much thought.

@Sylvhem Daft Punk, Air, and Jean-Michel Jarre, whose Docklands gig I'm delighted to've seen. ^_^

@Sylvhem sound tracks to amelie, belleville rendez-vous etc, and rap like keny arkana

@Sylvhem erasmus students with whom i talked about it en ~2009 liked Telephone

@Sylvhem Caravan Palace is legit the only band that comes to mind.

@Sylvhem USian plural system here - I'm sure we've heard French music from the present day, but the only artists we can come up with are Erik Satie and Maurice Ravel.

I think we associate those artists with a less brash and harsh and forceful approach than Beethoven, but I don't know how much that means.

- Packdragon 🐲 🎧

@Sylvhem The soundtrack of the movie Les Choristes, because we've sang one song of it in our school choir. 😄

@Sylvhem Hm... I'd say when I think of French music, I think of Edith Piaf, Debussy, Saint-Saens, Satie, the Marseillaise, the Internationale, and Naast.

@Sylvhem Plastic Bertrand 😵 MC Solaar et tout le reste qui a été déjà mentionné

@Sylvhem I have lived here a few years (but I still barely speak French) and still the only music I can associate with French is bad rap the teenagers in my village listen to.

@inmysocks @Sylvhem Noooo.. Then please have an emergency slice of this sweet Pumpkin. Smartest, well-written, french rap lyrics I heard in a long while. One of our very few female rap singer, too.

@Sylvhem all I can think of is this Korean comedian's "cover" of Nuit de Folie:

oh, and if we go musique francophone au lieu de francais, Stromae was pretty big overseas too

@Sylvhem Off the top of my head, I would go with Daft Punk, Orties, and Justice.

@Sylvhem for me it's igorrr and caravan palace, since those are the only french artists i ever listen to.

@Sylvhem Alizée 😂 she was a Friday tradition in my high school French class

@Sylvhem the very first band that came to mind is Lumière out of Rochester, New York, USA 😂 not sure if music like this actually gets played in France.

Then I went baroque…Lully (Italian born, lol), then Debussy of course.

More modern…Yelle?

As it turns out, I’m feeling a bit ignorant!

What do the French listen to, anyway? (Besides k-pop?) 😂

@Sylvhem J'avais croisé un Suédois qui associait la musique française à Aznavour et Piaf.

@Sylvhem Edith Piaf, the "Amelie" soundtrack, and all kinds of eurotrash pop that I can't identify / name

@Sylvhem Also, Plastic Bertrand! And of course Edith Piaf. Sorry, I'm a typical provincial US person--not much else comes to mind.


I am very fond of Caravan Palace. I like Jarre too but my mind has never thought of his music as being from a place.

I am aware of the story of American soldiers in Paris habitually singing Alouette and creeping everyone out.

@Sylvhem I don't know how much I count; spent three months in France on exchange, which is.. technically living in France.

I associate French music largely with crooning soft-voiced women, with no actual notion of why.

But when you ask about bands, I think of Muse, Placebo, and Indochine, probably because those were popular with high school students when I was there. (c. 2005?) Muse and Placebo are definitely not French. :P

Bryan from placebo lived in France though :3 that doesn't make him french hahaha but they made french version of some songs and even cover of french songs !

For me modern french music is Stromae and those really interesting migrant jazz/rap musicians. Besides this the chanson tradition

@Sylvhem Phoenix and Zaz. also just in general chanson genre (which I associate with Italy very strongly too tbh)

@Sylvhem Jannequin, Rameau, Gounod, Fauré, Debussy, Poulenc, Messiaen, Delerue, Vian, Brassens, Magic Malik, André Minvielle, Jeanne Added, Beñat Achiary etc etc


i'd say: in general i don't know french music or popmusic, only some artists from france:
Daft Punk
Jean-Michel Jarre
France Gall (singing in german, eurovision, Ella, elle l’a) but i remember Desireless - Voyage Voyage of course.

@Sylvhem The French National Anthem is the best in the world!

@Sylvhem Edith Piaf, Charles Aznavour, Louane Emera, Desireless, Jane Birkin, Jane Bordeaux



Pour moi, Les Négresses Vertes, Noir Désir, Les Ramoneurs de menhirs...

@Sylvhem Mainly rap and topical folk music (achordions, baguettes.. you know)

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