Hey Mastodon, especially English-speaking Mastodon, can you please, for the love of the stars, CW your sexual shitposts? Especially when they parody sexist behaviors.

Yeah, I know I already asked that multiple time. But it seems like it fucking doesn’t stick.

If you call yourself a leftist, please at least try to have some common decency when it comes to that. There is plenty of people (especially women) for which sex is a traumatic experience. Not shoving that down there throat is basic feminist 101.


I’m sorry if I’m being a bit harsh about that, but it has become a common occurrence and it shouldn’t be.

@Sylvhem I think I've been okay on this front. Feel free to call me out if I don't CW properly!

@RC We all do it from time to time. But I think we kinda let ourselves go recently ^^'.

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