So I'm gonna live-toot reading Interview with the Vampire as a black goth vampyre e-boi writing gothic horror and pin this to my profile for updates. Ideally, I'd like to go through at least the first 3 books, but we'll see.

Interview with a Vampire live-toot /1 

I am on page 5 and I would like to point out that Louis owned slaves.

+10 for dramatic turning on the lights to scare the human

-500 for owning slaves

He is at -490. I didn't plan on scoring characters but voilà I would body this boy on principle, given the chance.

Interview with a Vampire live-toot /2 

A small linguistic aside-- the reporter says Louis has a slight sharpness to the consonants and that's his french accent.

French consonants are actually softer than English so I am questioning authenticity. S, t, v, g, d, all very soft and gentle in French compared to a California American accent. Anne, imma have to disagree on this one.

Also, Louis still has an accent 200 years later? Well damn.

Interview with a Vampire live-toot /3 

This reporter just wants to know how Louis became a vampire and Louis is taking 30 damn years to describe the sunrise djsjjahsjaja

"Do you miss it?"
"Not really"

jdjahshufne BRUH then shut up and move on

I love gothic fiction so much, the characters are so sentimental and annoying 😭😂

Interview with a Vampire live-toot /4 

Louis is having a moral panic about murder and I can feel Lestat rolling his eyes as he says "Ain't NOBODY got time for this" and sexily turns Louis to shut him up

Thank you Lestat because I TOO was getting sick of his whining

Interview with a Vampire live-toot /5 

Louis both wants to die and is also turned on by the sexy vampire golddigger


Interview with a Vampire live-toot /6 

Louis basically has death diarrhea (gotta purge that human waste!) and meanwhile Lestat's looking over the financials, ready to get his cash 😭😭

Louis has a liquid asshole and is panicking and Lestat is just like "yeah yeah you're dying but THIS CASH THOOOOOO"

I told myself I would NOT stan Lestat this time around but I am trash and I love drama.

Interview with a Vampire live-toot /7 

Oh noooooo *Lestat giggles* there are two of them and only one coffin!!!!!!! :blob_lewd: :blob_lewd: :blob_lewd: :blob_lewd: :blob_lewd:

Interview with a Vampire live-toot /8 (lewd adjacent?) 

"I'm getting into the coffin, and you will get in on top of me if you know what's good for you."

This isn't a pickup line the way it's used right now but Lestat walked so I could run--


@guerrillarain Where is the vampire who will sensually whisper that to me 👉 👈?

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