[fr] Vous connaissez un logiciel pour GNU/Linux qui sert à faire des frises chronologiques ?

[en] Do you know an application for GNU/Linux for making timelines?


@yala Not really what I want, but there is some interesting things. Thanks!

@Sylvhem What is it then, that you need? It may be that the term 'timeline' alone is already a little streched, to be precise.

@Sylvhem Then it probably depends on which kind of user interface you need. Are you a coder, and can you hook up a visualisation to some data, or do you just want to have something nice to click together a list of events into a nice timeline, like preceden.com/?

I suppose you could then go with

- timeline.knightlab.com/ if you are okay with Google Docs as data storage or
- tiddlywiki.com/ with one of the timeline plugins kookma.github.io/TW-Timelines/ or kixam.github.io/TW5-visjsTimel

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