:drake_dislike: adding useful features to Mastodon
:drake_like: adding trending hashtags, trending links and trending avatars or something

On Mastodon you can’t filter out bots out of timelines, you can’t delete your avatar or your banner, and you can’t sort the profile directory in any useful way. But every time a bots network will successfully launch a spamming campaign you will now directly receive links inviting you to buy Viagra or invest in real estate.
So I guess it evens out.

@Sylvhem Don't forget the "Popular users" page, after adding automatic follows of the Admin 🤔

@maloki Wait, we have a “popular users“ page now?!

@maloki Hmm, I admit I don’t remember.
But I do remember that for some time you could sort that directory by hastags used in people bio. It was *useful*, so I have no idea why it got removed.

@Sylvhem Why make useful things when you have a "clear vision" to follow

@maloki Well, at least he have a clear vision now. Remember when the landing page kept changing every three months 😬?

@Sylvhem no. I mean I know if I think hard about it. But my brain has blocked out a lot of stuff from back then. 😅

@Sylvhem I suspect there will be a small "feature war" between masto and that truth thing. Hopefully it'll be decent stuff and not flashy junk

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