You are Aya. A non-binary aromantic teenager who just transferred to an all girl high school. You planed to finally make some friends… But all the girls want to date you 😱!

This is “I Just Want to be Single!!“, the reverse dating sim where your goal is to make friend with your classmates while managing to stay single.
It’s currently being financed on Kickstarter and should be available on GNU/Linux, MacOS and Windows!

The gameplay looks really interesting too!

@Sylvhem tu m’as donné envie d’y jouer alors que j’aime pas les datingsim :blobcatsip:

@elise J’ai trop envie d’y jouer moi aussi !
Si tu veux, il y a une démo gratuite pour te faire une idée.

@Sylvhem oui j’ai vu ça ! J’irai l’essayer à l’occasion ~

@_crystal_dreams I tried the demo and it looks promising so far :).

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