Does one of your cisgender relative became suddenly obsessed with transgender people? Do they talk about them all the time? Are they developing a fixation on trans people’s genitals? Did they start stalking people talking about transgender issues on social networks?
They may be suffering from Rapid Onset Transgender Obsession (ROTO).


ROTO is an emerging mental illness that some people exposed to an unhealthy amount of conservative propaganda may start developing. Thousands of individuals are already affected, including celebrities like J. K. Rowling and Graham Linehan.
People affected by ROTO progressively develop an obsessive behavior towards transgender people. They will frequently start organizing their entire life around their newfound obsession, to the point it will become warped around that single issue.

When confronted on their behavior, people suffering from ROTO are likely to push back. They are often prone to paranoid behavior, and will claim they are in fact the target of a nebulous group of people pushing “an agenda”.
People affected by ROTO are likely to loose touch with family and friends.
If you think one of your friend or relative is suffering from ROTO, please, talk to them about getting some help!

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