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Hewwo, we're The & System, and we do art stuff! Our main instance was down and is in a weird state of limbo right now so we're looking for instances to be in.

We've made a webcomic, some games, some writings, some worldbuildings, none of which were ever finished. We also have

We hope you like the stuff we make!

a stranger eons reader accidentally datamined the comic (which i don't discourage) and i am grinning to no end after this. the joy of being an author

i have commited crimes

i drew characters in the style

unforgivable i know

it's feeling bad about future writing decisions o'clock

🦋 uh, if "all cops are bastards" then how come I can make up a hyper-specific scenario in which I define an imaginary person as a cop but they don't fit your definition of a bastard? checkmate leftists

If you ever feel bad, you gotta remember that you're more of a success at life than every single super rich person who's hoarding lethal amounts of wealth

sometimes i wonder how long can people go without making some semblance of sense lol

Stop using the abbreviation "a11y".

If you're obfuscating the word you use to talk about accessiblity, you're not actually particularly interested in accessibility.

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Q&A with Stranger Eons characters 

For Mars: It says gullible on the ceiling

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Q&A with Stranger Eons characters 

For Sari: What's your favorite thing?

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Q&A with Stranger Eons characters 

For Ryann: What's your opinion on this image?

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