really short #StrangerEons update because I wanted to get the pages that won’t have any drawings out of the way as fast as i can

#webcomic #art

I have moved to

Sorry for everyone who can't follow me there. This account will remain as a backup for when koyu's down.


i didn't imagine the day anyone would draw maid outfit fanart of my characters holy shit

Befucked comments are the funniest shit ever. They’re like using unreachable code as comments.

#esolang #programming

writing? oh yeah that’s when you listen to a song and you go “holy shit this fits my characters perfectly”

one of the people in the ampersandia server makes stranger eons fanart every now and then and it's always so good
befucked interpreter is now exist

now i gotta make befucked be turing complete
I designed an esolang and now I'm playing a game with my friends where they give me code and I interpret it and tell them the output and they have to figure out what each character does
#introduction #introductions
Not new to fediverse but this particular account is new

I am Katie Ampersand, and I am an #artist. I make a variety of things, and most of it is very conceptual, abstract, and focused on being atmospheric. Currently, I'm making a #webcomic! You can check it out at

You can check out my work at

I hope you like my work!

cool, i just figured out how to stop an annoying qutebrowser crash from happening. the solution is also annoying, but hey, it works.

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