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having this worldbuilding idea of a dystopian world that came to be through celebrations. yknow how companies celebrate black friday and do discounts and shit? what if they somehow convinced all of us to do that to?
Trying out pleroma since koyu uses this now. Seems kinda cluttered , but maybe it's a matter of getting used to.

Depending on how i end up feeling about Pleroma I might move to

So if you follow me maybe following that account is a good idea

im thinking of making the python equivalent of typescript

creating a program that acts like ls in unix and then aliasing ls to that program was honestly my best choice so far lol

one day i'll be able to change my OS and this wont be something i need to do

my computer is so bad that it makes collapseOS look like it was designed for a modern society

stranger eons drip (courtesy of someone in the stranger eons chat)

people in the stranger eons server are going through every single panel and applying a high-contrast color palette lol

is now in

I compulsively got this domain so ig now it's time to put it to use

a stranger eons reader accidentally datamined the comic (which i don't discourage) and i am grinning to no end after this. the joy of being an author

i have commited crimes

i drew characters in the style

unforgivable i know

it's feeling bad about future writing decisions o'clock

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