@Tynde both you and the person who said that have a very narrow understanding of profit.

@Tynde I agree with this but they should've used any of the available terms besides "open source". That's a capitalist dogwhistle.

@flussence @Tynde open source is not a capitalist dogwhistle. Anticapitalists use it a lot.

@dtluna okay, they don't use it *as* one, but the term was popularised as a way to whitewash the FOSS movement for businesses. We're not exactly starved for better terminology.

@flussence free software is not the best term to do outreach in English. Open source sticked more, and it's basically the same.

@dtluna I actually don't think "free software" should be a thing people ought to have to spell out in full. That should be the assumed default in most spaces by now. The places where it's not are becoming a historical curiosity.

> We're not exactly starved for better terminology.

> Free software. But not free as in 'free beer', but free as in 'free speech' you know. it doesn't have to come for free, but it is free

Yes. Yes we are.


@Tynde Volunteer firefighters are useless as shit.

There was a fire 400 meters from their fire station.

Not only did they arrive LAST, they arrived after a fire brigade from 30km away arrived!

From my experience, useless as a firefighting unit. They do some nice stuff for kids, though.

@Tynde > open source coders
Somebody, throw money at them, quick!;;;;

I promise I'm not really like this 


Um, actually, not having your entire town burn down benefits you, so It's just an "indirect profit"

The market is like, inescapable. It binds all living things in the perfect harmony of nature.

please ignore all the weird and unnatural stuff it does, that doesn't count.

@Tynde omg that's such a good example, next time I talk about this I'm gonna bring up Wikipedia. Literally the single largest source of learning in human history.

@Tynde it’s the most asinine opinion that falls apart with the faintest amount of investigation, I too enjoy this graphic

@Tynde When people say this, they're projecting. They can't imagine doing anything meaningful without getting paid. It's a sign of a moral deficiency.

@Tynde this makes me wonder a bit. Main reason why I don't contribute to projects or share my own is that I'm constantly tired / have little time because of work.
I donate money, but doing something myself would be so much more fun.

And surely I'm not the only one in that position.

@Tynde except a huge part open source software is actually developed for money

@newt @Tynde I think the point was that donation driven and even completely free OSS exists.

@Tynde can't think "Volunteer Firefighters" without being teleported back into my year six library tho #VFD

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