Before you assume that an item is "useless, ridiculous, unnecessary," first ask yourself, "Could this benefit a disabled person?"

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@WhirlyTheGig obvious joke at my own expense time:

sometimes, the thing that is useless, ridiculous, and unnecessary, ends up being a disabled person themselves! such as me

@MxCraven I'd argue stimming or a general helping of humor to those in need

@WhirlyTheGig I have been caught by this numerous times. "Who needs that weird thing!?" Oh, someone with no grip strength, or only one hand, etc, etc. So many "oddball" things make sense when I accept that some people can't do the basic things I take for granted. (The thing that always comes to mind is an electric jar opener. Now that I have very minor arthritis in my fingers, and opening tough jars hurts despite my strength, that product doesn't seem "oddball" anymore.)

@CarlCravens Part of the problem is that these items often aren't marketed as being /for/ people that are incapacitated to impaired in some way. They are marketed to the general public to increase potential revenue. Thus they have able appearing actors performing silly/absurd actions to gain attention for the product. This doesn't keep the product out of the scope of those who may make use of it necessarily, but can make them seem silly to others without a shared perspective. So it makes sense.

@CarlCravens I'll be damned if another enlightened internet denizen decided to proudly proclaim "PeOpLe wIlL bUy ThE dUmBeSt (insertwhateverhere)" on a post about something specifically made for people with an impairment, however. It would be helpful if possible to begin shifting popular thought to the reality of "society and complex social interactions turn impairment into a disability, and subsequently, a farcical commodity." Just look at what happened with fidget spinners for stimming...

@WhirlyTheGig There is a certain level of, "we need to reach a wide enough market to make this a viable product," aspect. Sell to the wider public, or the product can't be made affordably for those that really need it. But the commercials really seem to be made by fools, don't they?

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