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I've moved over to @julia to trial more fandom content, follow me there if you miss me x

I've moved over to @julia to trial more fandom content, follow me there if you miss me x

Steam veg, educational youtube playlist/podcast, to-do list blitz, go go go 🙂

“One guy [at #pride] yelled at them "Fucking bootlicker!" and then clarified a moment later, “in the BAD way!””


Much as I enjoy this instance I'm really wanting to get back into fandom spaces. What instances are creative and welcoming of intensely intellectual meta and friendly, and very very queer in a way which is neither acephobic nor completely sexless, and reasonably discourse-free? Where, in short, is utopia?

Take action (one small step) on something you’ve been avoiding that will make your life better in the long run.

Falling back into Shakespeare and poetry feels particularly good. Having an attention span 💓💓💓

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I don't want to fall into it obsessively like I did, I want to channel the energy better than I used to, but oh, it feels SO GOOD to be in fandom again. To seek out stories and engage with them and other people through them. It feels like breathing again. It feels like falling in love.

I've got climbing classes and a dance class to get to once my rota sorts itself out and a yoga studio to attend, and I'm meeting people slowly and MUCH better at answering media messages and making friends than I used to be, and I'm back on my fanfic bullshit but that now means I've a. acquired a writing partner, b. am segueing that into online group hangs, and c. am reading actual books, also

Not halfway through 2019 yet, it's going well!!!! go me


I'm trying that where the aim is just to eat a ton of fruit and veg along with whatever else you want, and it feels SO GOOD now I'm earning enough to not worry about how much I spend on strawberries

I don't have the time to eat that much volume on work days (I'll make it to like 400g, maybe? could do better), but off days can see me with a pile of berries and tomatoes and olives and veg sticks until vegetable curry dinner. Blissful.

Crowley keeping the burning Bentley working through sheer imagination and bloody-mindedness is 100% how I'm dealing with not getting sick until today's shift has finished, I almost passed out yesterday with a vasovagal, I'm going to be SO ill ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The hysteria is fading somewhat, but it is settling into a spiritual crisis, in the best sense. Something inside Spacious. One day I'll accept the Fall, and that's okay. I just don't know when yet.

...they ARE Rosencrantz and Guildenstern!!!! Little to impact the main plot, painfully aware of it, very married

Aziraphale: I would literally rather die than do another miracle given my superiors are upset with me for 'frivolous miracles'
Aziraphale: oh you want to get brunch? Just let me miracle myself a more appropriate outfit *twirls*

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Same with the (deliberately, I think) very violently-filmed Passion scene; the blasphemy comes (I think) from asking what is this Deeper Magic which makes god say things have to involve murdering Job's family and their own son

...the foment/frumenty porridge pun is EXTREMELY niche, that's gotta be a PTerry line

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The Ark scene always makes me feel like I and the whole creative team are about to be struck by lightning

I was always so upset about the collateral damage in the Bible, and always told "you can't think about these things too deeply" and "[ineffable]", and the first time I read this was the first time I felt I wasn't I wasn't alone in questioning divinely-sanctioned murder

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Az's blase/aroused reaction to being shoved against a wall by Crowley is so very kinkily married. Goals.

Love how Crowley's casual irritated Az impression "celestial harmonies" "could you help us with our enquiries" is SO camp XD

...Crowley can feel bad things happening while Az can feel love, WHAT, FEELINGS, HOW DARE THE UNIVERSE

"oh Lord, heal this bike" CRYING

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Crowley's cleaning Az's jacket and I'm thinking about the tumblr post saying his love language is acts of service

Of COURSE it is

That's what angels were MADE for

"You're an Angel, I don't think you CAN do the wrong thing - funny if I did the right thing and you did the wrong thing" is the love language that made him Fall, hit me with more religious feels why don't you

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...War is hot and I am gay for her. Red-headed and destructively drama-causing is still, despite my best efforts, still a Type. Good to know?

(My other Type, neither of which affect my dating decisions tbf, is "blonde, straight, athletic", but that has caused less trouble overall)

Jack Whitehall's...not GOOD in this, but he is very well-cast. And well-disguised, as Thou-Shalt-Not-Commit-Adultery Pulsifer. A good costume department, and not just re: the bit with the maggots.

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"I know what YOU smell like!"

LOVE how the first end credits have that amazing '80s epic rock Queen sound to the theme 💓

John Hamm doing no serious roles and all deliberately unattractive comedy (cf. Young Doctor's Notebook) since Mad Men is kind of upsetting but SUCH a good career and human move. HIDE FROM THE DON DRAPER STANS, man.

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I love how much of this plot is about..avoiding paperwork. Making paperwork look plausible. Finding loopholes to get what you want. Having become a public sector worker since last exposure to Good Omens this is intensely relatable.

"Godfathers. Well I'll be damned."
"It's not that bad when you get used to it." HIS FACE

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