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You know when there's media that scares and obsesses you as a kid, and you can't name why, and later on you realise it's because it was queer and you were queer? That's how I felt about Good Omens, but now I'm already queer and STILL have that feeling about Good Omens. Is this a second crisis of faith. What. WHAT.

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I love the cross-gender casting! I love how GO is MORE relevant than it was! I love how timely the concept of a permanent oligarchy duking it out and everyone else being collateral damage is! I love how much Queen they used with NO explanation at any point! I love authors who know how to adapt and update! I love EVERYONE IN THIS BAR

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is so good I'm having a mental breakdown about it, I finished eps 3-6 last night but what if I rewatched it IMMEDIATELY

Uhh if it matters I am cis and have never done sex work, I'm just a deviant

Anyways save a ball, kick a terf

NHS rainbow lanyards are £3 on ebay

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why the fuck did they call it arson when crime brûlée was right there

Hey so the NSPCC thing is a dumpster fire set by the zombie corpse of Mary Whitehouse, time to get off birdsite and go work with vulnerable people, wearing my rainbow lanyard, at my job which flies a huge pride flag at the doorway year-round, and at which I am very fucking good, eat shit TERFs 😘

What are some body-pos gender-neutral fitness apps for lifting/bodyweight? I want to lift heavy things and I'm not doing it to look sexy in sleeveless shirts, I just want my body to be able to do more.

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body image stuff, body horror 

Yes yes yes I know we all secretly want to look a certain way, but society is horrifying and you're not supposed to ABET that sort of thinking, I asked you to teach me how to lift heavy things, my goals are to not HAVE aesthetic goals about my body 😕😕😕

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body image stuff, body horror 

So I got a gym induction, and I thought I was feeling good until the guy (who is a PT, they freelance plus do some basic hours for the gym) started telling me what various exercises would do for me aesthetically, and suddenly every single organ in my belly was frantically trying to claw its way out of my navel

So I guess "talks about what bodies can DO, but never how they look" is not negotiable for me. Good to know.

@Sylvhem One of the truest but hardest lesson I was ever taught, by Esmeralda Weatherwax:

«If you trust in yourself...and believe in your dreams...and follow your star... you'll still get beaten by people who spent their time working hard and learning things and weren't so lazy.» #Pratchett

Two hips guard a fantastic treasure, one never tells the truth, the other doesn't lie.

ProtonVPN has chosen a name ENTIRELY AT RANDOM to pre-fill this field, I'm sure 😂

(I'm not paranoid enough to pay in BitCoin, but between Snooper's Charter and the porn ban, I figure UK online privacy will be entirely gone soon if it isn't already)

crisis averted, she said I could go to the more advanced class because I'd done yoga before

I...have done...16 youtube lessons of Yoga With Adriene

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[yoga class]

Me: what a great, safe, welcoming, non-judgemental, non-competitive, supportive environment

Also me: why hasn't the teacher told me I'm the best yet

I have a LOT to do today, but first, first yoga class ever, gotta arrive early and ask to be asked before physical assists, which I'm sure they do but yes. Have done a lot of work to tell myself I'm not cool/femme/pretty enough for yoga and dancing, so this is all extremely exciting and grown-up.

I don't like surprises / changes of plan for ~ entertainment ~ (the pleasure is never enhanced, and the inconvenience often considerable), but at the same time if you need me in an emergency I will Show Up, if you need to crash at mine, if you need transport money, I am there, it is not an inconvenience if it matters. My sponteneity is reserved for emergencies. Yes?

UPDATE: same-gender dance classes turn out to be rad as fuck ✌

ARGH @ the thing where you come out to someone, and then every so often you have to come out...again

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