Hi there !

tl;dr : looking for an open source project to contribute to.

long version:
I'd like to improve my knowledge and skills in Software Development and I'm looking for open source projects to contribute to. I know C, C++, Java, Python, SQL and I have a small experience on Android Studio and Unity. For my own interest, I've also followed courses on HTML, CSS and Javascript.
I can learn new languages or frameworks / libraries but I'm not very experienced.
My 2 main experiences were : an internship of 2 month where I developed a graphical interface in C++, and another of 6 month where I developped wrappers from C to C++, Java (but please don't ask me to use again JNI) and Python.

I'm open to anything ! I want to improve and to help the open source communities. Please send me a toot if you think I could be of help :) Otherwise I'd be thankful if you could boost this toot.

(In case it's of interest : I'm a brown bi non-binary polyamorous human being living in Switzerland)

Thank uuu <3

@soza have someone suggested you Funkwhale? We’re a very nice community, and we currently lack developpers. The backend is Python/Django/Django-Rest-Framework, the frontend is VueJS, and there’s a few scripts and tools around it

@gordon @soza we can definitely find you some things to do on Funkwhale if you feel like it!

@agate @soza absolutely, and we can also mentor you if you want, to help you get into the structure

@soza @gordon okay, I'll find you a couple of easy issues then, later today or tomorrow :)

@agate @gordon thanks 😍 Should I install or prepare something in the meantime ?

@soza @gordon you can have a look at docs.funkwhale.audio/contribut, it will show you how to setup a development environment using Docker so that you can hack on the project, run the tests, etc.

@soza @gordon thank *you*, don't hesitate to ask if you have any question!

@agate @soza and you can join the Matrix rooms (the main one is #funkwhale:matrix.org) to interact with the (very nice) community

@gordon @agate okay ! I have to meet someone right now but after that I'll do


@soza @gordon you can have a look at these issue, it should be relatively small, and I've included links and suggestions to implement the fix


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