Ah macro_rules, so useful and yet so fucking difficult to fucking debug. Yah little doss cunt of a fuck. I ken ye should work. Now work!

Laptop ordered, CC paid off, utilities patched, CI pipeline fixed, today was productive. Now to work on my init system, or programmatically generating music in Rust...

Sigh, hours spent hunting down an nginx proxying error. I set 433:433 in my compose file. Not 443:443...

I take that back, still failing. Sigh, why are CI systems always a bitch to get up and running?

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Hmm time for some Mr. Rogers to help me sleep I think.

And finally Drone-CI works and is publishing my docker builds! Now I need a fucking a berlinweisse.

So I'm curious, any other fans of The Laundry Files by Stross on here?

Alright v1 of my assembler is a go! But wait, what's this? No addressing modes? Brain, you had one job. One! Grumble, grumble. Well least I can start adding optimizations to it for common patterns next.

Anddd Ditko died. Well fuck, guess Lee is the only one left of the "Marvel Three."

So now I'm curious, what's the weirdest device you've found an openssh server on?

Ah, the joy of discovering your store manager trying to downsize your dept by half is why everything has sucked this past year.

@aleph Welp federated timeline as a channel is a go. Now to get to setting up specific hashtags as a channel!

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Hmm, need to get the whole federated timeline and hashtags as channels working with bitlbee-mastodon.

Sitting here for an interview on a break. Think I just solved a major issue with their load balancing to make it seamlessly multi region based. Go me?

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