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hello fediverse, i'm alija and my pronouns are they/them 👋
my goto "one sentence bio" is "i'm a queer psychedelic anarchist", which mostly just mean i reaaaally like questioning things, to the point where i'm stuck in a constant vascillation between pure joy of the momeny and all-encompasing existential dread ✨
ex-worker, currently in the process of moving into a van - Ergi - to go explore Europe (when there's a vaccine). hmu if you know a parking spot, café, or just want an internet friend 😊

im so sick of being surrounded by attractive folx in mono relationships :blob_melt_sob:

that feeling when you rest your head on someone and they smell really safe :blob_melt:


I would rather have a spider crawl on me when...

trying to move more of my music needs over to , so if anyone's sitting on a fresh library that i can fed with, hmu 🎶🐋

a good book to me is one you have to put down every couple sentences to re-evaluate your life :blob_book:

is there a word for that feeling of compersion mixed with wanting what you're not currently getting without being outright jealous? because that.

hey, enbeehive, is there any way to just kinda weaken beard growth? i don't wanna go full laser, but i also don't love my 5 o'clock shadow :blob_cat_oh_no:

so fukin tired of every love song being like "u r the o n l y person i could e v e r love" like calm down, that's not how humans work now write a polyam anthem pls :blob_disapproval:

thinking riseup, but never tried it before. also, can one use riseup or protonmail or w/e with mail clients, because encryption? brain no work

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i need to get a new email address because the old one has my deadname but i'm too broke to buy any new cool domain names, pls suggest email providers :blob_cat_snug:

surrounding yourself by amazing people means living in constant fomo

ratwyfe's "let's b goblins" speaks to my soul

i just found out about the term "squish" and oh wow is it about to be out to frequent use

so, there's this citizens initiative about ubi in the eu, if you feel bored and in need of signing things:

not so humble brag, selective praise 

hey, if you, like me, remembered to brush your teeth today: good on you! take care of them chompers :blob_cat_heart:

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