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I just reuploaded the file !!

It's right here :

TLDR : WOTC is terrible to minorities as most businesses.

Please, feel free to share / give feedbacks, thanks !

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Blehblehbleh, in the future, art, I promise x)...

Je vous promets de l'art dans le futur, quoi, je ne sais pas.

Dibujos, dibujos, es una promesa.

What does a French enby do when they scream really loud 

They iel

Le gouvernement n'a pas d'idée mais des numéros verts

Voici de quoi vous aider pour savoir qui appeler, tout problème à sa s̶o̶l̶u̶t̶i̶o̶n̶ hotline.

Source :

Blep, I swear I'm still around ! Not sure what to start rn x3...

Hey, jsuis toujours là, juste que j'hésite sur ce que jfais maintenant, voilà ^^.

Hola, prometo que yo no parti ! Yo estoy buscando que voy a hacer proxima.

une extension des bords ici ! C'est plutôt chouette :3.

An extended border Cabal Stronghold, not baad.

Una alteración de la carta Fortaleza de la cábala. Yo soy satisfecha!

Well, elle est vernie <3. Enjoy. 2 cartes sur 4 du cycle de story spotlight de Dominaria en borderless ! Hâte d'avoir complété ça.
Si vous avez des retours, conseils, please do.

Varnished it is! Hope you like it too. 2 story spotlight cards from Dominaria left to complete the cycle. U can give advices and feedbacks!

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Hey yall, putting the call out again for face masks.

We've got quite a few that we've been making, and can send within the US to anyone who would like them. Preferably folks who need them first.

Sending two in a pack, no cost. DM me for details!

Et voilà ! Un marais D Amonkhet full art, vernis. Plein de belles couleurs :blob_cat_aww:

Here it is, an Amonkhet basic swamp I did, borderless and good looking!

Yay plus d'altérations bientôt ! Notamment un marais d'Amonkhet <3 ! J'attends juste que le vernis sèche.

Many mtg alterations to come pretty soon <3 ! Just waiting for the varnish to dry.

Et voilà un WIP de la carte "lien brisé" du set Dominaria ! Le dernier set où Nissa apparaissait, de mémoire.

Here's a WIP of Broken Bond, one of the latest card featuring Nissa Revane if I recall.

Ono, le retour des terribles températures aujourd'hui D= ! Et demain un peu.

Why is the weather not cool with us, we've been good i swear ! I mean, Bad, bad weather !

LGBT rights in Poland, police brutality 

Please fucking boost this as far as possible. Please, PLEASE.

A Polish trans activist named Margot was arrested. Her "crime" is minor destruction of property (she cut up a tarp on a truck covered with vicious anti-LGBT propaganda).

Her pre-emptive arrest for two months was authorized by a court, despite the fact that such arrest, by Polish law, are meant to be used for people who are a flight risk or an immediate danger to others.

But wait, there's more.

Hey, that's more visual stuff from me ! Feel free to give advices and stuff ! Really like this one a lot ^^.

Coucou, voilà ce que j'ai fait récemment ;3. Des conseils, tout ça si vous voulez. J'aime vraiment la tête que ça a <3.

Hola ! Mi trabajo nuevo hecho con Hexels esta aqui. Esperanzo que te gusta !

Remember for everyone to drink some water, and to take yours meds if you have any to take.

Each new day is a victory, you got this.

I just reuploaded the file !!

It's right here :

TLDR : WOTC is terrible to minorities as most businesses.

Please, feel free to share / give feedbacks, thanks !

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Bon bah bonne nuit tout le monde hein :3' bon courage pour gérer cette meh chaleur aussi parce que :(

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