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, I guess. I'm not new per se, but everyone's doing it, so here goes.

I'm Amber Alex. Queer, neurodivergent, 23. Pronouns are subject to change at the moment, so let's go with she/her for now (more detailed in bio).

What else do you put in a post like this? I dunno. I like and make music (metal, punk, mostly), books (SF and YA fantasy mostly), nerd stuff (ST, ATLA, DW). Sometimes programming and soldering stuff. I use the word stuff a lot.

No selfie for privacy reasons.

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Pinned tweet time! Let's talk follow requests.

I keep my account locked, meaning I have to approve each new follower. I'm fairly picky about that, have been on Twitter (not sure how much I'm gonna keep that up now that I'm here). Over there, I curated my followership quite extensively.

If you're queer, an outspoken ally (outspoken means visibly so), a friend of friends, or look to me like a good person: welcome!

All others: please don't take it personal if I don't approve your follow request.

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Not being a cunt, a dick or an ass increases your chances of getting whichever of those it is you're looking for.

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food, cursed 

Sometimes, happiness is eating spoonfuls of chocolate cream cheese straight out of the tin.

If the Federation is so great, how come it still punishes vagrancy?

This isn't a bit. They do and they're not great.

food, insects, possibly gross 

I really wanna try insect burger patties at some point.

Sharing a 7-tweet thread from in one toot:

‘You’re not really trans, it’s trauma.’

‘You’re not really autistic, it’s trauma.’

‘You don’t have a physical illness, it’s trauma.’




If you’re in clinical practice and you say these things, you can now call yourself a trauma expert, because you know how to cause trauma.

Fediblock, transphobia 

I recommend blocking for transphobia.


shitty doctors 

It finally happened: I called an ambulance and EMTs and doctors pretty bluntly told me to stop calling ambulances.

Sorry for being dizzy, short of breath, in pain, shaking, coughing my lungs out, unable to hold a clear thought, and feeling like I have the worst fever of my life, I guess? Next time I wake up in the middle of the night because I feel like I'm about to collapse I'll just collapse, I suppose.

not me feeling bad saying i'm in pain because i can't shake the word "man flu" and it gives me dysphoria

bad health 

I feel like my head is being boiled in a sauna but the thermometer is just like nah you're good fam.

Turns out cutting your own hair without a second mirror or a second person is hard.

cant stand cishets lol but if i were cishet i would be the most interesting one and My job would be in marketing, I would like going on hikes and watching Netflix, and I would get along just fine with all my co-workers. 😂 fuck all that shit tho
things that are still too cheap: cars, gasoline, parking cars

things that are too expensive: public transport, apartments
when will livestreamers stop being like "whats up BOYS!!" at the start of every video/stream

What's the worst Deep Space Nine episode and why is it Let He Who Is Without Sin?

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