COVID, rant 

Friend upon friend is going to concerts and conventions and whatnot, even supposedly leftist people, and I am so incredibly angry.

Reckless jerks like you are the reason I got . You're tired of wearing a mask? If you get like I did, you'll be tired of breathing. Standing up will be painful. Cooking a meal will feel like running a marathon.

For once in your lives, THINK.

COVID, rant, nasty thoughts 

This is a nasty thing to say about friends, but I have no—no!—pity for anyone who GOES TO A CONCERT WITH 30,000 ATTENDEES and then gets COVID. You've brought this on yourself. I should hope for your sake it'll be mild, but to be honest? Maybe some of you need to get the whole deal. Maybe you need to be severely disabled like I am before you get it. Maybe that's what it takes to teach you a lesson.

You're not the only person in the world. Others exist. Act accordingly.

COVID, rant, nasty thoughts 

@amberage somehow I've accepted that the lives of vulnerable people don't count anymore, and actually never did. the only people I can tolerate acting like this are those who are so young, that their life was already fucked up by corona and who never had a chance to avoid it. Luckily only one of friends acted in such a terrible way and I already had various reasons to break up with this friendship, Corona finally was just the last one. Not really sad.

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