Writing challenge: sketch out a new series. Crew, ship, pilot episode, a handful of other episodes, perhaps a whole first season (synopses suffice).


• no time travel
• no fate-of-the-galaxy threat
• maximum 3–5 references to previous episodes
• no ‘it was all a dream’ episodes
• no characters cross over from other series
• no holodeck or transporter malfunctions

(I'm not serious about this being a writing challenge, but does anyone have Alex Kurtzman's phone number?)

@amberage I would unsarcastically love to watch the federation do an incident retrospective on the events of an existing episode.

@gnomon @amberage

[By Inferno's Light retro, security team member #########, rank #########, notes from interview]

"I don't know if it needed to come to that, but I don't see how the Lieutenant had any other choices. By the time we beamed down every decision we could make was on rails, we could see the numbers. But... look, he never stopped doing that. Whenever we had to go through a door that we might not be able to walk back out of, he went first. Not since he led his first sec team."

@gnomon @amberage

"... and.... look, I was born on the outer Severin colonies. I won't ever captain a ship, or be a first officer, I know that. But I made it from there - I made it from _there_ - to the secops deploy team on the Enterprise. The fucking Enterprise, the flagship of the fleet. And I want you to think about what I've seen and done and had to do to get from there to here. And I've never seen anything like that."

@gnomon @amberage "He just kept getting up. Over and over again. The record, the comms record, the video record, we expunged most of it. It didn't look real. There was just too much of it. We all would have been court martialled for falsifying... whatever that was. Because it's just not possible. But I was there. I saw it. He just ... he just kept getting up."

@gnomon @amberage "Is this recording? Are you recording this? You'd better not be. Because... look, the thing that got falsified was the duty roster. I carried his comm badge for a week. Captain did too. He was in sick bay for six months. We transported out of there with a few seconds to spare, somehow, and he was in sick bay for six months. He couldn't breathe on his own for the first three weeks. We clocked him in and out on time every time while the docs figured out how to put him together."

@amberage Star Trek: Borg; every episode follows a Borg cube as it uplifts lesser life forms and meets new friends(victims). It's a slice-of-life comedy.

@amberage I've always wanted a ST series that's outside of Starfleet and other military forces. Stuff like:

- Life on a civilian freighter
- A show about a Federation penal colony
- The ecological and geological effects of the Federation's resource extraction

(One and two on the list could have been fulfilled in part with just a little more focus on Kassidy Yates from DS9, damn it)

@ljwrites Michael Dorn kept pitching a Klingon series a few years back, but Paramount didn't want it. I get why, they'd have to show the Federation's expansion drive from an outside perspective xD wouldn't look too good

@amberage Nobody tell them but the Federation's expansionism doesn't look too great from an inside view either :blobcatgiggle: but I guess that would make it more obvious.

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