I got this in my notifications from someone I don't know, don't follow, and who seemingly hadn't tagged me - except for that "@ everyone".

I don't know what the hell this is, but if this instance truly allows to tag EVERYONE on the known Fediverse, then that's an instance block recommendation.

Oh, and the instance itself doesn't look particularly good either.

@amberage I' ve got that message too and don' t know what it means. 🤔


@fediblock this one is far better researched than what post I just tagged this account in before

I know nothing, but there really is a "" profile on that istance.
I don't understand.

@amberage I‘ve got the same notification.
Weird 🧐.
For whatever it's worth I've reported the account (to whoever).
@nathan might you be able to bring some light to that?

@amberage may be @everyone should mention all ppl in thread (some mod on instance, or idk) but something went wrong?

@amberage I didn't know that was even possible. Sounds like an unwanted feature, regardless of the content of the post

@amberage I don't /think/ it's a true @everyone; the protocol just allows pings without the ping text being in the post (we see that from other fedi software occasionally), and the "@everyone" isn't a real ping.

When I replied to be like "hey cut it out" there were a fucking LOT of names, but only maybe 2000 chars of them.

@amberage Thanks for screenshotting!

@ordnung, I got this too, but couldn't find the toot when I opened the notification. Did you already block this user/instance?

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