looking forward to kiwi farms going the way of 8chan, which many people have trouble even *finding* because it has to change domains and hosts so often (when it's even up on the clearnet). good fucking riddance

this part of the blog post is true only in the most literal interpretation. the cloudflare deplatforming was effectively the end of 8chan.


@molly0xfff "if we deplatform them they might get worse" is such a bullshit argument. it doesn't even make sense, except to shut down any and all attempts to contain nazis. and it's only ever applied to protect nazis, never to protect leftists. fuck cloudflare.

and "deplatforming makes it worse" is basically deproven. just look at milo, man hasn't been able to get a job for two years.

@amberage @molly0xfff Yea this is always the go-to defensive mechanism. "If we isolate them they will just get pissed" ... as though they aren't already pissed and causing a horrific shitstorm across society every waking minute. Screw 'em.

Politics, Nazis 

@privilegejunkie @amberage @molly0xfff

...and, you only have to do a thought experiment to indicate it works:

Nazis are obsessed with strength and fight tooth and nail NOT to be deplatformed.

If deplatforming made them stronger, why would they put so much effort into avoiding it?

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