Are there any all-women / women-fronted bands besides Kittie? I've tried getting into their music but it's not really my cuppa, any more recs for me? Big and unsigned/indie bands alike. Boosts welcome.

Currently listening to Wicked Wisdom (2006) (Jada Smith et. al.), recommendation of @haverholm.

Very nu, very nice, surprisingly heavy at times. Pretty alright screams, great bass tone. The drummer has some cool riffs.

The songs themselves are a mixed bag, some are pretty good (notably the single, Bleed All Over Me), but at times, the songwriting (especially the choruses) falls short. Most choruses just angrily repeat the same line four times and that's it. Others are a little more developed (again, Bleed All Over Me, also Forgiven). The verses are much better, often firmly in “quite good” territory.

No clue where this discrepancy comes from, but it hampers an otherwise very enjoyable album a little.

7/10 should have been a 6 because of the choruses, but the verses are just too good for a 6.

Okay so far I've received:

@amberage I read that apparently Jada Pinkett Smith fronted a nu metal(?) band and toured Ozzfest with it in '05.

"Wicked wisdom" is the band's name. I'm not curious enough to check if it was anything more than a celebrity vanity project...

@haverholm damn that's a musical family. just a few weeks back i heard an album from her daughter, too. i'll give it a listen, thx!

@amberage @Scmbradley @HauntedOwlbear @adrian

Well, if Otep and Evanescence fall under a nu metal heading, I'll also recommend Fight Like Apes.

Less metal, more synthy abrasive pop — but with a punky "get drunk, have messy relationships, write angry, hurt songs about it" sensibility.

@amberage @haverholm @Scmbradley @adrian

Anyone suggested In This Moment yet?

They're a bit after the first flush of Nu Metal (turned up in 2005ish?) , but they've definitely got elements of that overall sound.

@amberage Tura Satana (and Tarrie B.'s other projects) comes to mind as at least proto-nu-metal in some of their style. I'll see if memory will allow me to dredge up some other suggestions.

I wasn't a nu metal fan, but am in an adjacent subgenre so ran across some stuff.

@nilsreichert @amberage From the top of my head I remember, Eths, well and Evanescence and Flyleaf somewhat, too.

@adrian @nilsreichert

Guano Apes


that takes me back

@adrian @amberage deleted previous post. Let's just forget about them because of very shitty hit title. (:

@cleo nu metal is a style of music that was briefly very popular in the mid-90s through early/mid '00s. it's an umbrella term that covers a variety of styles that all have in common that they combine metal with hip-hop, industrial, rap and skate punk. nu metal is usually very downtuned, places more emphasis on groove and syncopated rhythms than on melody, almost always contains rap and/or screaming (often in the form of screamed rap), usually contains synths and/or samples, and very often the bands have a turntablist. in terms of style, much of the genre can be summed up as spikey/colourful hair, goatees, at least one guy with dreadlocks, baggy pants, tanktops or oversized sports jerseys, sports clothing, etc. the genre isn't exactly one genre as some bands are much more metal x industrial + rap and others are more like metal x hiphop x skate music, but for marketing reasons the term nu metal ("new metal") was coined and tbh most of the bands hate the word but it's stuck around. examples of bands include korn (who are often credited with inventing the genre), slipknot, linkin park, limp bizkit, snot, coal chamber, hed pe, staind, adema, etc etc. many bands later moved on to other genres or dissolved once the genre lost popularity around 2005. the softer side of the genre has a lot of overlap with post-grunge and alt rock and many bands from that side moved into those genres (linkin park, breaking benjamin, papa roach), others from the heavier end of the spectrum moved into different metal genres (slipknot, korn).

it's one of my favourite genres and i can infodump a lot about it

@amberage hot wenn ich ne frage stelle und ein text in länge einer kurzgeschichte s antwort bekomme /light hearted

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