twitter circle when the twitter rectangle shows up

@amberage tbh i do miss having granular control over who i share my posts with,,,,

@akirapink tbh fedi post privacy settings are better than twitter imo (and circle is fairly new and we made do for years without), but some things i miss from over there is restricting replies (there are people i want to read my posts but not be able to reply) and going private (sometimes you just gotta hide all of your account when le dogpiling is going on).

the latter is unfortunately not possible due to the way activitypub works (or so i'm told), but the former would probably be fairly trivial to implement.

@amberage >the latter is unfortunately not possible
what??? how come? can't you just serve a blank post like "this account is private" instead?

but the former yeah that too,

@akirapink @amberage i dont miss that I only miss doing a banger tweet which reaches 400 likes lol /j

@cleo @akirapink best i've managed around here is ~100 i think, and that was once. usually my banger toots get like 10 likes.

@amberage @akirapink yea its like people dont interact that much here. Also I think its sad likes literally do nothing.

@akirapink once you sent a post, it federates to other servers. and stays there (along with its media). if someone from that server follows you, then edits and deletions will federate in a timely manner, but if not, then the remote instance may not even be notified when you delete a post (and indeed there are malicious instances that simply do not honour deletions). it's virtually impossible to distribute a "hey, all of these posts are now invisible to you" message throughout the entire network.

when someone wants to view your post, the post isn't fetched anew from your instance every time; if the post already exists on the instance, it's viewed there. it's less like twitter and more like tumblr, where every new reblog contains the entire prior thread, and edits and deletions aren't passed on down the chain.

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