(The following is a repost with proper hashtags that I can pin on my profile):

Hi! I'm a huge nerd and my primary hobby is . I also enjoy , , , , and the study of .

I'm trans, I'm a lesbian, and I'm a bit of a clown. I truly believe that laughter is the best medicine sometimes.

I'm just here to make some cool friends and some cool posts!

If any of this sounds interesting to you, feel free to follow request!

Eldritch Café

Une instance se voulant accueillante pour les personnes queers, féministes et anarchistes ainsi que pour leurs sympathisant·e·s. Nous sommes principalement francophones, mais vous êtes les bienvenu·e·s quelle que soit votre langue.

A welcoming instance for queer, feminist and anarchist people as well as their sympathizers. We are mainly French-speaking people, but you are welcome whatever your language might be.