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I made a PayPal thingie to help me fix my van and get on with my life :
Anything help! Money, prayers, RT and even likes. Thank you so much 🥰

Le thereminou c'est quand tu fais semblant de caresser ton chat à deux centimètres de le toucher et il se plaint bruyamment 🎵🎵🎵

6. Twitch, but that's fairly uninteresting. The question, not the streams. My streams are amazing.

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3. I'm a Hufflepuff, on the cottage-core side of Hogwarts!

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2. I do not return things. You lend me thing? It's mine. Forever. Also I probably lost AND broke it already anyway.

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1. One of my earliest memory is of my parents wanting to throw me out the window. It was -- the first in a lifelong series of misunderstandings -- due to the fact that I spend my first few days alive in a sterile room where my parents could only "see me through the window".

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Thank you so much your friendship is the garlic that keeps on garlicking or something smarter and cheesier about you, us, and condiments ???

When I was 12 years old I was a regular on an IRC channel called "education" where I would help students with their homework. Of course everyone thought I was a single mother in my thirties. I wish!

sometimes I'm high and sleepy but I still make sense why you leaving me on read

Describe a show so that it can be easily confused with a different show Ill start a walled city constantly attacked by giant monsters is protected by a group of people who only seem to fan the flame even though those "monsters" have every right to be here

Bitcoin: works *as* intendend
Speculative Investor: Bitcoin has completely lost its original reason for being

Who's leaving Fitbit after today's announcement (being bought by Google)?

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