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generalize adding the time it took you to learn and practice the skill(s) before saying how long it took you to do *thing* (this tweet took me 34 years 3 months and 11 days to write)

what's up with that, do writers have a list of propaganda they have to slip through to get a show greenlit?

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can we stop it with parents having redemption arks in every single piece of media?

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Jaha actually survives two more days because 1. he arrives slightly later, 2. he's in the middle of the Dead Zone.

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look the puny jahakru has NO ground knowledge, No actual battle experience and their leaders spend most of their time crying about what could have been anyway. they get rekt at first light

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The 100 but every tribe unites against Camp Jaha and peace is restored after one season and a Christmas special

remember Connaissance du Monde au ciné municipal pour 10 (nouveaux) francs ?

No the *show* is called Steven universe but the boy is Steven's monster

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I came up with a joke in my dream but it's sooo bad: "Zagreus only ever had one girlfriend she just died over and over" 😒😒😒

I dreamed that I carried 5 keyboards in my messenger bag, of all sizes (the smallest one being an x-keys with only one key), and used them to hack into publicity signs and replace them with pictures of Kirby.

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