Of course i felt guilty about killing random people, until I checked the bullets I used and turns out they were anything but lethal: they were tiny capsules releasing medecine and nutrients on impact 🤔🤔🤔

Best dream I had in a long time involved me as a soldier, killing people with a sniper rifle but not being sure if they were enemies or not, too shy to tell my commanding officer that.

I had two dreams last night: one involved Athene (best paladin in the world) and curry paste.

I journeyed through the world of and discovered my daemon is a wildcat! You can find out what your daemon is too by clicking below. cards.twitter.com/cards/18ce54

Day 2. @_Leo_Emrys@twitter.com is already lying to Tipp about his abilities.

Daybreak is The 100 with zombies and I'm 100% here for it 😅😅😅

"desperado desperado c'est quoi c'est des velo ?" - kyky

I dreamed that I gave my cat a facial mask then we watched Netflix together while it dried.

I dreamed that I bought a handful of cigars.

I woke up very refreshed with this song in my head youtu.be/P0TzUNti3rY 😇😇😇

Tu peux avoir un renouvellement d'urgence en pharmacie, limité à une boîte par médicament hors psychotrope. N'arrête jamais ton traitement !

T'as jargons obscures et élitiste et t'as te foutre de la gueule de quelqu'un qui vient de recevoir un courrier super flippant juste parce que ahah on paye les taxes de l'année passée pas celle en cours lolilol

Les impôts quand tu leurs dis oui bonjour j'ai reçu un courrier au sujet de la taxe machin de 2019 et ils te disent à bah non t'es conne les taxes de 2019 c'est en 2020 qu'on commence à en parler vous avez la classe

Your 3 last Google searches are prompts for you next short story. Mines are "Lasik", "bean bag" and "hot tub" 🤔🤔🤔

Cela dit personne mérite son titre et personne mérite ton respect stay golden 😘😎

Le mec qui répond pas à ton mail parce que t'as pas dit monsieur le professeur c'est juste une ordure qui mérite ni son titre ni ton respect.

Say what you want, Sheldon Cooper's story is the story of a glow up. After all those years he grew up to become a slightly less disgusting kind of racist, sexist, manipulative asshole 😃😃😃

I dreamed that I was *in* Alien. I'm never sleeping ever again.

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