They might have been referring to Ernest Bevin instead of Aneurin Bevin.

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As far as I know the history (which is very little), it's an "accurate" fictionalization of the 1926 general strike, but all the moral values are inverted from what they should be.

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Huh. They've actually explained some of the miners' grievances.

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Someone's slagged off "Bevin". I'm assuming that's Aneurin Bevin. And we're supposed to cheer scabs during a nationwide strike.

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Watching "Upstairs, Downstairs" and I can't stop myself thinking that the servants have false consciousness and hoping that at least some of them wise up. But of course, they never will because the show is Tory propaganda.

I was wondering whether Elliot Page would be playing a woman in the new series of Umbrella Academy (Elizabethan-style) and came across this:

One of the weirdest things about the U.S. is that sometimes if you go to something that looks like a clinic, it might turn out to be Jesus-freak right-wingers trying to fuck with you.

Ça fait plus qu'une semaine que j'essaie de comprendre comment la spéc pour PNG fonction et enfin ça y'est.

AJA typeof(NaN) -> number (en javascript)

C'était transformé de pgm à png par convert-im6.q16(1), mais l'interpréteur commence à fonctionner quand même.

Le Mot (@WordleFR) #81 💀/6

Ça m'amuse tellement.

I'm not sure what to think about this: It looks like they're trying to imitate some features of the fediverse while maintaining profits and power. So it can't really be decentralized. Also, it's hilarious that it's written as though the fediverse doesn't already exist.

Je viens de regarder Belle (Ryu to sobakasu no hime) et je l'ai trouvé vraiment belle.

I think Frantz Fanon's "Black skin, white masks" concerns exactly this topic. I've only just started it.

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