Side note: The rust community generally is queer friendly, and bevy is no exception here :blobhaj_trans_heart:

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Bevy is a modular game engine written in Rust. It makes it very simple to make your first little game, and/or learn rust. Feel free to join the discord (where most of the community engages) even if you don't know a thing about programming, you'll be most welcome 💜

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is participating to open source days !

OSD aims at encouraging women to contribute to Open Source software, and bevy is a very nice place to start, with a very friendly community.

Boosts welcome 🕊️

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Came to decide that the things that I try where in my life just to get high on :yes_cat:

The Wheaven

Strangely, the first thing you do when going into apnea is ... breathing
The point actually isn't to fill my lungs, but to empty them the most
so that I recycle the most oxygen possible, get as much fresh air as I can, stock up my blood cells.
To the point I can feel high, or even faint, but that'd going too far.
Once I'm set, I breath normally again. The apnea begins then
I start to relax
I empty my mind
I look at the deeps
Then, I start filling my lungs
the bottom, first
I suck up the very last bit of air like a carp to overpressurize my lungs
and sshloup,
I close my mouth, I'm underwater
first reflexes kick in, Heart starts to slow down
thinking slows down
15m, the thermocline is around that deep
Temperature brutally decreases
I can feel the difference on the height of my body
chilling, cold as ice
25m for me, 30m for most
Water compresses me
so much I am now denser than water
I sink without doing nothing despite my lungs filled
I fall, like a stone
I feel the water crunching me
You must let go
you're flying
You feel the water on your face
like the wind, but soft
you're used to the temperature now
the comforting cold
the water is pressing on every part of your body
you don't resist
The ocean is stronger than you
let it reduces you to a droplet
let it teach you how insignificant you are in this world of silence
the silence
I often realize I don't think anymore
The real silence
The water feels like a cocoon
it almost feels thick, but you can freely move through
that's just a gentle pressure now
gentle hands of the ocean, holding you
down the deep
The end
Admire for a fraction of second the immensity of the blue
dark blue
maybe so dark it's actually black
The fraction of second feels like a minute
Time doesn't make sense anymore
must I ?
It feels so good down there I always have to find a reason to go back up there
But until now
looks like every time, I do
so I start pushing
Fighting my weight
Brutally waking up
Tearing myself away from the deep hurts
Muscles hurt very quick, the deep keep pulling
I don't think, still
so I don't hear its calling
I stare at the string
My only link to the surface
the string, I follow the string
Keep paddling
The light
It's clearer up there
it's giving hope
Don't look up
If you look up, you won't hold until there
That's my first actual thought since... a long time ago
The string
30m, other divers meet you
they're there to help
They're here for you
the water is so clear it's almost blinding
the sun must be burning
still don't look
The urge to breathe
Hold it, still
still way to go
People swimming at the surface
Small sound of the water against the ship
even the sound of the ladder against the hull
oh voices now
I must be pretty close to..
the surface
the light, the noise, the air filling my lungs
everything burns
say you're okay
yeah do it, you're okay
when are we going again ? Why did we came back ?
I don't remember, I don't know.

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J'ai compilé des ressources sur des manières de réagir face à une agression par une personne dans notre cercle amical/militant, et sur des moyens de soutenir une personne coincée dans son couple.

C'est ici :

J'espère que ça vous sera utile, et n'hésitez pas si vous avez des remarques/suggestions !

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I kept my GPG key backups in different locations. I know that flash is unreliable, so I thought having backups on multiple SD cards and USB flash drives in cool places would be enough.
So, a while ago my Yubikey died physically and I wanted to retrieve my backups.
Turns out: They lost all data in only two years without power.

Please, create QR codes from your encrypted keys and print them on paper.

So, what happened?

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The issue when you postpone making a blog for 6 years is that you have lost half the articles you had written for the abandoned partially unfinished various websites you put up i. those years, and everything about what you want it to be has changed: scope, writing style, purpose, ...

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I think my next actual project to be finished will be my blog. Like, finally, after more than 6 years.

En vrai moi je fais ça aussi parce que ça prend toute ma concentration du coup même si je tryhard et quw ça génère un genre de stress, à la fin jsuis plus détendue

Okay, do not do 40km in a day on rollerblades, I literally cannot walk anymore, my ankles hurt *a lot* and one of the (many) blisters still burns after a shower (despite a blister patch still on).

(I'd def do it again, just maybe half the distance)

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