tired: making a backup of my phone

wired: writing about backing up my phone (and thus procrastinating said backup)

(super-wired: look at how @pixouls got checkboxes that you can check directly on the website like in here pixouls.github.io/checkingin.h and procrastinate even further)

La partie la plus longue de mes backups c'est toujours traiter les photos que j'ai pris
Genre là, pour les 20 dernières photos :
- j'en ai supprimé certaines
- j'en ai posté 6 autres sur le fédi (compter 30-60s par image le temps d'écrire une description)
- et j'ai… modifié un point dans OpenStreetMaps pour rajouter le numéro du salon de coiffure à côté de chez moi…

@pixouls yeah i know that! I want to do the same for my checklist so I'm looking up how ^^

@pixouls (it was super easy, the thing was that I usually write my posts in markdown and then Jekyll converts them to html; but Markdown's checkboxes are static, you can't click them on the website itself. So I had to write the page in html instead!)

@azaliz OH I see! You did it for your back ups, nice.

If you're into Mark down note taking systems, that's another rabbit hole :)

@pixouls wdym? I mean I'm already using markdown in my notes, I don't know what else there is to it ^^'

@azaliz you may have heard me talking about obsidian, roam, logsec, and the like. These platforms are for note taking systems written in markdown for a personal knowledge base. Here's one system by shu omi, youtu.be/8hbGweed6-E it can involve daily to do lists, documentation of findings, a personal wiki, etc.
Then of course there's the component of learning publicly, he also has videos about that, which relates to the digital gardening component youre already doing, though it's not purely markdown, these platforms support back links to make a point about the interconnections between ideas.


@pixouls Wow Obsidian looks amazing!

I had seen the links you give at the end but didn't do anything with it. Now I think I'll try to understand how the website works so I can pick and choose the components I want to add to my site 🤓

@pixouls Thank you again and again for your helpful links and comments <3

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