Jameela Jamil's chat with Grace Campbell was amazing!

I was really touched by what they say about relationships, especially feeling that they need men (and comparing that to *wanting* them). They also talk about the fear of being alone, Jameela's own relationship(s), being a comedian, and I probably forget some.

Transcript will be available here: earwolf.com/episode/grace-camp

This episode of the War on Cars podcast is the most interesting I've heard in a while! With journalist Jessie Singer, the cast talks about accidents and why they're not prevented as they should.

CW: mention of deaths and car crashes.


"To have a body is yearning and longing." :blob_rainbow:
– Ezra Furman in episode 109 of Gender Reveal.

She and Tuck also talk about coming out as a trans parent, gender as a religion, the experience of seeing your body change and of *making* your body change. All in all, a good episode!

"Gender is like a group project. If your group decides that there are two genders and they're fixed to the sex assigned at birth then yeah, you're gonna be a woman in that context. And then if you're in a group who decided that gender can look like this and that, you're gonna have a different answer! And it doesn't mean that you were a different person, it means that there were different options available to you!"

This episode of Gender Reveal is great 🤩

Beaucoup, beaucoup de choses dans cet épisode de Kiffe ta race joliment intitulé "Le mot en haine". Je me souviens de :

- la liberté d'expression n'est pas absolue, non on n'a pas le droit de dire / publier ce qu'on veut
- la langue française est si riche que, oui, on peut exprimer ce qu'on veut sans utiliser des mots hyper racistes
- différencier propos raciste et personne raciste
- ce qui compte c'est le résultat de tes paroles, pas ton intention.

First time listening to Sounds Fake But Okay (the hosts were guests in A OK), and it's about asexuality but above all accessibility! And I love that!

Their guest is deaf activist Liam O'Dell, and they cover all sorts of topics around making communities, especially online, more accessible to disabled people. Accessibility by design, captioning, putting image descriptions, paying attention to the disabled voices around you… :amaze:

soundsfakepod.buzzsprout.com/2 (transcript available)

Un très très chouette épisode de Nos Voix Trans avec Jules, un homme trans non-binaire.

Il parle de sa transition, de son désir d'enfant, de ses interventions en milieu scolaire (ça m'a rappelé mon envie d'en faire), de l'exemple qu'il veut être pour le plus de personnes possibles, et de prendre son temps pour réfléchir à sa transition.

"On est des warriors en fait. On vit des trucs que la majorité des gens ne vivront jamais." :D


Un épisode très court des Couilles sur la table sur le cancer des testicules ; j'ai bien aimé le témoignage de l'invité, qui explique comment le détecter et que ça se soigne très bien (mais si on ne le soigne pas ça devient grave).


In this Gender Reveal episode, the guest is actor Vico Ortiz and they cover fascinating topics, including:
- being genderfluid (his gender is like… a waterbed?!)
- her acting career, trying out all sorts of roles
- how nice it is to be on a queer film set
- translating English into Spanish, how to not-gender someone, how to translate jokes


It's lovely listening to The Struggle Bus knowing I have 5 years worth of backlog!

Some takeaways:
- if you're wondering whether you're queer but can't really explore the topic atm… you are valid. And people might surprise you.
- if you feel like you need to see a therapist but don't have time: nobody "has time to see a shrink", but if it's vital, *make time*.
- if someone complains about their (chronic) pain, don't give them advice if they don't ask.

The guest in this episode of A OK is the founder of AVEN!

I really liked this episode, they talked about:
- the creation of AVEN (he bought asexuality.org for 20$, it was the very beginning of search engines so his website became the top search result on asexuality, plus building the community)
- co-parenting with another couple
- "a relationship is like a plant: if I listen to it, I can help it grow, but I can't *make it* grow"
- amazing aro relationships


Woah I loved this Gender Reveal episode with Cyrus Dunham!

Topics included:
- feeling ashamed to want to look masculine
- cisness might be a myth?!
- colonialism's role in the way we see bodies and gender
- the way Cyrus relates to his deadname


Un épisode de Kiffe ta race très intéressant (et qui rend vénère) sur le racisme à l'école, avec romancière Faïza Guène.

Elles parlent de :
- des moments où elles ont subi le racisme de leurs camarades et/ou leurs profs
- comment aider ses enfants à faire face au racisme
- le racisme dans les programmes si encensés de l'éducation nationale
- ce qu'on peut faire en tant que représentant·e des parents d'élèves
- sensibiliser les profs aux questions raciales


This sweet episode of A OK (a podcast with people on the asexual and a romantic spectrum) is with Laura, a student in Finland.

Topics went from wanting kids when you're asexual (and how the two things are completely unrelated) to lots of book suggestions with ace/aro characters 🤩 Links in the podcast description!


Idk why this episode of The Vocal Fries is called "Use People's Pronouns", it's mostly about translation, Spanish, and gendered language. A very interesting episode even though I don't speak Spanish, since I could link the takes to the gendered languages I know 🤓

"Carrie and Megan talk with Ártemis López about queer and trans translation and interpretation, indirect and direct non-binary language and Spanish non-binary morphemes."

Jameela Jamil's interview of Danny Wallace was fun and interesting.

My takeaways:
- if you say "yes" to more things, you never know where it could take you. Or it could just make for a funny story! (As long as you feel you're safe.)
- rudeness spreads easily, it can easily impact someone's whole day and that someone might be rude in turn, etc. It's not nice.
- mistakes are a good way to learn!


Jameela Jamil interviewed trap yoga instructor Britteny Floyd-Mayo! They talked about:
- her "ratchet" way of doing yoga, with cursing, loud music and sometimes twerking to achieve the same state of awareness
- Britteny's journey to yoga, through a very abusive life
- trying to be a good parent at a bad time in your life
- walking away from people (friends and family) who are not treating you well
- setting up your boundaries
- having arguments via email


Jameela Jamil invited Dr. Deepika Chopra to talk about optimism; I didn't like everything they said but it was an interesting I Weigh episode nonetheless!

They talked about:
- pregnancy and surrogacy (cw very bad experience)
- visualization (asking the universe to give you what you want if you think about it a hard enough) vs actively working towards your goal
- "good vibes only" and how harmful that can be

earwolf.com/episode/dr-deepika (transcript not yet available)

I've discovered The Struggle Bus right as they ended the show, so it's a bit sad, but I have years of backlog to go through 😍

In this episode, Kate and Sally first talk about migraines, friends dying unexpectedly, and that it doesn't make sense to compare two people's suffering.

Then they answer emails:
- online dating and the frustrating game of taking time before answering a text
- awkward first times
- being too career-oriented to find a partner


A great episode of A OK, with an aroace guest who talked about:
- exploring their identity through roleplaying IPL
- language camps where you choose a name when you arrive (therefore you can try out things)
- music and how much songs talk about sex and/or romance
- the impact of hormones on your voice


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