Is it okay if we change the default visibility of boosts to private when your account is locked, just like the default visibility of toots is private under that condition?


[ ] Yes
[ ] No

Well wouldn't it be more relevant if one could simply boost, privately, private toot then ?

@freyja_wildes nope i would like to boost, privately, public toots from others

Actually, @Gargron, it would be nice if we could chose between public /private boost as we can for toot.

Ok. I have to admit that boosting privately something that is public in the first place makes no sense to me.
It seems to me you want to affect to visibility of someone else's content. If they decided it's public, then does it really affect you that it's publicly boosted ?



I'm trying not to get personal. But here it is: I post public selfies, If someone boosts, I hope the audience will be larger. If the boost is private when I posted publicly, then I lose part of an audience I am willing and consenting to address



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